Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lasers, Longswords, and Lipstick Guns

Welcome our third Guest Blogger, Michael J. Epstein of The Motion Sick, Neutral Uke Hotel, The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library, and Do Not Foresake Me Oh My Darling. I'm out of breath.

Epstein is a man who wears a mustache well and never gets sick of the same joke. Epstein has a fantastic sense of humor, knows what he likes and like many of us, loves pop culture. We here at GLG support our artists and all their unique personalities and talents. For his stint as a Guest Blogger, Epstein has chose to write a monthly blog post about retro sci-fi movies, b-movies and barbarians. Maybe he'll find out why every sci-fi movie in the '60s and '70s thought everyone in the future wore white and had acrylic furniture. And now... Lasers, Longswords, and Lipstick Guns

An Ode to Barbarella - An Angel in Love

"Hello fearless licorice lovers! For years, I've done my very best to mask my 'unpopular' interests to prevent their prominence from overtaking my songwriting. It has been nigh impossible to stop a mention from sneaking out here and there. Now, these years of suppression must end before I explode! Welcome to Lasers, Longswords, and Lipstick Guns; an opportunity for me to implore you to see the very best and/or the very worst sci-fi (lasers), barbarian (longswords), and spy (lipstick guns) movies and perhaps even tie in ways that they've influenced my music or style."

"I feel obligated to start with one of my favorite movies of all time, 1968's Barbarella. The film is absolutely the cream of the crop of sci-fi camp. It's bubbling with the sexual revolution of the '60s, plus lava lamps, shag carpets, and every nerd's favorite: a zero gravity striptease. The props are bizarre, the characters absurd, and the settings are extremely imaginative. Perhaps the best element of the entire movie is its absolutely brilliant sound design. Both the original music composed and recorded for the soundtrack and the sound effects really carry the movie through the silliness. The actors, particularly Jane Fonda, take every moment totally seriously and really sell the absurd snapshot of the '60s very effectively. Heck, the movie contains carnivorous dolls, a musical instrument that produces deadly orgasms, a blind angel, and a death ray. If you haven’t, why haven't you seen it yet?!?!?!

Barbarella even ties in with some musical endeavors of mine. Several years ago, when I was working on odd, ambient pieces under the name Entropical Utopia, I took lots of samples of the dialogue and the sound effects from Barbarella. My favorite song from that time period, ‘An Angel Has No Memory,’ takes advantage of the strange final line of the film. Other favorite voice samples included; 'It will be the end, the apocalypse' and 'You who have chosen to die, be welcome! To terminate the bitterness of life, you are entitled to select from three exciting and surprising forms of death.' Really, I loved using any old sound bite about the 'positronic ray' and how its victims are 'de-minimalized to the fourth level.'

The movie also has influenced some of my more current work. When preparing for our first Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling photo shoot, my partner Sophia gave the make-up artist a photo of Jane Fonda as Barbarella for reference. Sophia mentioned this in a recent interview she did about her fashion choices for New Brahmin . In a twist of fate Sophia's mention of Barbarella sparked an anonymous fan to create a Facebook page encouraging the producers to cast Sophia in the pending remake of the film!

My favorite song from the film's soundtrack is ‘Love, Love, Love Drags Me Down.’ My second favorite is ‘An Angel in Love.'"

Each Wednesday (well, you know how musicians are, so maybe every other Wednesday....) the GLG blog will treat you to a Guest Blogger pulled from our creative group of artists who have a lot to say. All the time.
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wired Magazine Talks Indie Music Promotion

Wired magazine's Eliot Van Buskirk recently wrote an informative piece about Spotify who has partnered with TuneCore, a digital music distributor that "allows anyone to sell music through iTunes and other stores for a low flat fee." This is something every independent musician should know about.

"Spotify already includes over seven million tracks, including the Pixies, who were signed to TuneCore founder Jeff Price's SpinArt label. This new deal help its catalog continue to expand, while giving unaffiliated artists a new way to reach fans," wrote Van Buskirk.

"The popular Spotify music service solved a major problem Wednesday by providing a mechanism for bands unaffiliated with larger aggregators to submit music. In a partnership with TuneCore, Spotify will now allow any recording artist to add their tunes to the service for a low, flat fee."

Read the rest of the article here and take notes indie bands! Click Here to Read More..

News Roundups from Blender, The Washington Post, Indie Rock Cafe and more

The Blender Blog's article on "The Ukulele's Unlikely Renaissance" is all in favor of Neutral Uke Hotel's mission to "to unite obsessed fans of Neutral Milk Hotel for a live performance of their critically acclaimed "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" album, played in its entirety on ukulele" and says, "The album's beloved songs have reached canon status, so why not interpret, and reinterpret, and why not on a ukulele?"

Jersey Beat raves about The True Jacqueline's Nice Bird, saying "Oh, yeah baby! Bring it on! You ever listen to an album that’s so delightfully bouncy, upbeat, and flat-out insanely appealing fun that it just makes you wanna say all sorts of wacky nice stuff. Well, man, this is exactly that kinda album."

Aol Music is currently featuring Avi Wisnia's Something New on Full CD Listening Party.

The Washington Post lists No Second Troy's Iota show on its Going Out Guide.

Magnet's MP3 At 3PM posts "California Run" and "Highways" from Neil Nathan's upcoming The Distance Calls. They say of "California Run," "The country-inflected single breezes by like a convertible cruising down the PCH, sounding like a long-lost Old 97’s track that was recently unearthed."

Tympanogram says of Neutral Uke Hotel's NXNE performance, "The group is obviously reverential, and they impart their love for an album that was formative for them, and one that they personally cherish in the way they know best. ...not everyone can express their appreciation for them in such a stirring manner."

The True Jacqueline's "Monde Green" (from their release Nice Bird) is posted on KEPX's Out This Week and on Indie Rock Cafe.

Listen Dammit posts "Song for Adam," a track from Sara Radle's upcoming full-length, Four.

Buzzgrinder and Electric Mustache list the release of The True Jacqueline's Nice Bird.
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Favorite Friday with Neutral Uke Hotel: Seth Rogen Plays the Uke?

Neutral Uke Hotel
Neutral Uke Hotel are almost done with their spring tour.... but don't get your indie rock tear ducts ready... we are hoping for some more dates this summer. Made up of members of Golden Bloom and The Motion Sick, GLG had the ultimate (and sometimes way too much fun) experience of attending Toronto's NXNE where Shawn Fogel, Mike Epstein, Matt Girard, Josh Cohen, Andrew Laubacher played to a few crowds including Friday evening's fans who literally sang every word to every Neutral Milk Hotel song. There was no way to be at this show and not smile. As a side note, while this Favorite Friday might not make sense to everybody, if team GLG (and our host Kristin) ever needs to smile, we can all look back at this list. The order is of no importance. Everything is equally as amusing. All in all, this list just shows you how much fun these guys are having playing Neutral Milk Hotel songs for enthusiastic fans. It's all about the fun.

Favorite Inside Jokes from Neutral Uke Hotel's June Tour

1. "Seth Rogen - No one knew he played ukulele."

2. "Out of the way, Mark Messier! - Real Americans coming through."

3. "Let me licorice..." (In the Aeroplane Over the Sunn O))))

4. "Ohh Doh Dee Doh Dee Doh Der" - Andrew's awesome Canadian accent.

5. "We gon' sip Bacardi, like it's your birfday" - A combination of Bacardi and fluorescent colours.

6. "I love little baby ducks ... and onions."

7. Surfer Blood. That's it, just Surfer Blood.

8. 11/05/1955 - "The only problem with that t-shirt is it has the day, month, and year on it."

9. "Is this song on YouTube? Because I'm not going to buy it."

10. Pudding Ball - Just when you thought the World Cup couldn't get any better.

11. Naan-Sequitur- Indian breads and random comments made fresh daily.

12. Xxtra Kredit -Boston's premeire polite-core band featuring International hit-single "Do Your Homework Before You Watch TV") (editors note: "Do your homework!")

13. "As long as I don't see Shawn in his underwear..." (So much for that golden rule)

Want more of NUH from NXNE? Yeah, you do. Here is some 'behind the scenes' footage of La Blogotheque "Take Away Show" taping. (Sorry about the giggle) and a live video we shot of NUH's performing "Holland, 1945" at their Friday night gig at The Painted Lady.

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Each Friday, hence the name Favorite Friday - one GLG band/artist will send us a list and comments about their "favorites" of the week. It could be a list of albums they are listening to in the van, books they are reading, guilty pleasure TV, and so on. We hope these various "favorites" will give you unique glimpse into the lives of our bands.
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Staff Infection: NPR Style

A few things occurred to me as I put together my staff infection this week. First off, I was most definitely in an NPR mood over the past week, with soulful songwriters ringing in a resounding theme. Coincidentally all four of the groups I chose are what I am officially coining "and bands". Those bands which are joined by an "and" to make their sound complete. Three that made my list were Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love Ray LaMontagne so inspiration hit me right over the head when Paste Magazine posted the upcoming single off his album due out in August. And although Gwyneth & Monko are more country Americana than southern soul,  had to add them quite simply because they fulfill my theme of and bands and are most definitely an NPR band. 

Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs, "Beg Steal and Borrow" from God Willin' and the Creek Don't Rise  (Courtesy of Paste Magazine) Release Date 8/17/10

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, "First Flash of Freedom" from the album Mojo available now.(Courtesy of Tom

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, "I Found Out the Hard Way" from the album, I Found Out the Hard Way Available Now (Courtesy of KEXP)

Gwyneth & Monko, "Lexington Ballad" from the album Good Old Horse  (Courtesy of Green Light Go Publicity) Release Date 7/20/10

Every week a different Green Light Go staff member will write about what bands have infected their ears for the week and give you an opportunity to hear it for yourself.

This week: Janelle Rogers, Green Light Go Owner/Music Publicist Extraordinaire
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ex-Rentals Vocalist, Sara Radle, Releases Solo Album on September 14th

When you’re involved with as many successful projects as Sara Radle, it's hard to get back to the studio to work on your own music. But the former Rentals vocalist has finally done just that, the result being Four, a full-length album due out September 14th. Filled with beautiful, darling pop songs, complete with 60s-girl-group-inspired background vocals, string arrangements and clever lyrics, Radle’s musical career comes full circle. "…It's been a long time coming," says Radle. "It’s special to me…it feels like I’m back on track in my path as a musician. It’s like coming back home."

Playing in handfuls of bands, including the current project Walking Sleep, pop-punk band Lucy Loves Schroeder, and The Rentals (re-formed with former Weezer member Matt Sharp), Radle has acquired a whole new arsenal of skills and experience to bring to her solo material. Working at her home studio (Good Kitty Studios), as well as with Grammy-winning engineer, Dennis Moody, Radle was able to work with her songs whenever she liked; trying out new sounds and styles. "The whole recording process was a perfect mix for me – a little Los Angeles, a little Texas, a little studio, and a little home studio," muses the singer/songwriter.

On Four, Radle's precious and pure pop voice is showcased in ten gorgeous songs that tug at the heart (and sometimes punch) with strings and lush layers of vocal harmonies. Every song is like a peek into her personal diary; however Radle does not fit into the simple category of girl and her guitar. She is a well-versed musician and arranger who knows how to work with Americana or folk and meld them into one another with pop magic and wonderment. Radle admits she was a bit cautious about re-launching her solo career in Los Angeles (after spending years establishing herself in Texas). But with Four, it’s not so much a re-launching, as it is just the beginning.

Four Track Listing
1. Fooling Nobody
2. The Baxter Hill
3. The Lonely King
4. Morning Light
5. A Reason To Stay
6. Lucy
7. Convenient Again
8. Song For Adam (free mp3)
9. Crossroads
10. A+K
11. Chicago
12. Over Now
13. Superstar
14. It Won’t Last
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pop Goes the Weasel - Alan Cohen Experience

Introducing another GLG Guest Blogger....drum roll..... Alan Cohen of Alan Cohen Experience! The man is like a walking pop-culture encyclopedia that can crack you up as well as throw some sci-fi, rollicking pop at your face. Need we say more, take a look at his "writer" headshot, which he's "talking to his manager on." Gotta love it. We are pleased as punch (whatever that means, maybe he can tell us) that Cohen will have a monthly column about pop culture. Anything and everything. And so we have, "Pop Goes The Weasel," and Cohen's first stab as a Guest Blogger is nothing but completely awesome fun that would make even a vampire laugh....but probably not Lady Gaga.

"As the good Doctor prescribes, this great nation of ours is in need of a good dose of Vitamins to pop (culture)."

Vitamin A - Short for Andy Warhol. Yes, with all the political, geographical, and environmental frustrations, we as a people need someone to shoot... pictures of... all the time. Someone ugly that makes us feel that we all can be great! Someone presiding over a drug-induced, extensively productive, proto-hippy, neo-something group hug. Someone who can bring us a band that can both be cool and write great music: The Velvet Underground (Vitamin VU).

Vitamin BC - The energy and the feel-better vitamin. Obviously this is for a healthy dose of Bill Cosby. Charlie Brown (Vitamin CB) is the only other person on the face of the earth whose iconic image is so closely tied to a sweater design. One trip to the Middle East, and you will see lot's of mustached men in Vitamin BC fashion. In the desert. They adore him.

Vitamin D - The sunshine vitamin. Doo Wop. Feel good music that is awesome and cheesy. Not unlike a good burrito (Vitamin YUM). Frank Zappa tried to bring it back. We need to stop this global obsession with awful club music that managed to fool us into thinking it is "pop." The Drifters are "pop." Michael Jackson is "pop." Coca-Cola is "pop" to the "other" part of the country. Lady Gaga is not "pop," people.

Vitamin E - Eddy Spaghetti. Cousin of Riga Tony. Lookalike for Tony Danza. You need a good dose. Trust me.

Some others...

Vitamin BW - Buffalo Wings

Vitamin GSW - God Street Wine (look them up)

Vitamin BT - Take a bath, stink-face. In a tub.

Vitamin TT - Time travel. We need to steal this technology from the Japanese.

Vitamin LD - Larry David

Eat the Peace,
Alan Cohen Experience

Each Wednesday (well, you know how musicians are, so maybe every other Wednesday....) the GLG blog will treat you to a Guest Blogger pulled from our creative group of artists who have a lot to say. All the time.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

News Roundups from Aiding & Abetting, FensePost, The Owl Mag and more...

Aiding & Abetting reviews The True Jacqueline's Nice Bird, saying that it's, "Understated indie pop that never gets too ambitious", and The White Raven's Gargoyles and Weather Vanes calling it's songs, "...quite engaging, but Amy Bennett's vocals are what kicks this over the top."

The Owl Mag posts video of Neutral Uke Hotel's North by Northeast festival performance. They said of the show, "The crowd at the tiny bar The Painted Lady sang, clapped and stomped along with glee as the band played the whole album."

FensePost reviews The Alan Cohen Experience's track, "Einstein". They call it "a quick and awesome little ditty...".

The White Ravens are nominated for a Toronto Independent Music Award in the Best International, Best USA & Best Out-Of-Province category.

Bill's Music Forum reviews The Alan Cohen Experience's Space and Time. "...dares to be different but strives to remain musically accessible."

Largehearted Boy posts Avi Wisnia and Neil Nathan mp3s.

The Jewish Week asks Avi Wisnia about his roots.

Today's Modern Pop
shows the trailer for Neil Nathan's The Distance Calls.

Wildy's World reviews Gargoyles and Weather Vanes, saying, "It's been awhile since rock n roll sounded this fresh or this good....You won't be able to get The White Ravens out of your head."

Chromewaves previews Neutral Uke Hotel's set at NXNE.
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Neil Nathan Celebrates Detroit-Inspired Album and Video Starring Rosario Dawson

Living in New York has it's benefits. Soon enough, though, us non-New Yorkers will get to hear and see NYC's Neil Nathan. On July 20th, Nathan will be throwing a shindig at Highline Ballroom in NYC to celebrate the New York release of his Detroit-rock-inspired album (produced by The Go's Bobby Harlow) The Distance Calls. In addition to playing songs from the new album (national release date is August 24), fans will get to see the killer videos of the album's lead single "California Run," starring Nathan and his former roommate, actress Rosario Dawson and the video for "When the Rain Falls."

P.S. GLG's Golden Bloom will be playing as well. I might shed a tear that I'm missing this show, so if you live in NYC, you best attend!

“The ‘California Run’ and ‘When The Rain Falls’ videos are two sides of the same coin, that wondrous and sometimes very painful thing we call love," says Nathan of the videos. ‘California Run’ is about the joy of searching for and finding your fated true love and ‘When The Rain Falls’ is about the heartbreak of losing him or her. Co-Directors Ric Serena, Vaj Potenza and I were intrigued by the idea of parallel videos.”

Pirate Vinyl and Green Light Go Publicity Present:
Neil Nathan's Record and Video Release Show
Tuesday, July 20th
Highline Ballroom
431 W. 16th Street, New York, NY
(212) 414-5994
8:00 PM
Tickets: $12 in advance or $15 the day of the show
With special guests Alan Semerdjian, Golden Bloom and Featherweight
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The White Ravens to Rock Borders Bookstores

The White Ravens celebrate the release of the Jim Diamond-produced Gargoyles and Weather Vanes with in-store performances at a bevy of Borders Bookstores.

Ann Arbor’s brother/sister indie-pop duo, The White Ravens, will play a series of in-store performances at Ann Arbor/Detroit Borders stores beginning with their CD release show on July 6th at the Downtown Ann Arbor Borders. The show will begin at 7:00 PM, and along with all of the other Borders performances, will be free for all ages.

Bookstores are a perfect place for The White Ravens to celebrate the release of their CD. Amy Bennett, who writes the lyrics, sings and plays bass, finds both books and bookstores inspirational. “When I read a story, whether it is by J.R.R. Tolkien or Ayn Rand, I use the ideas of the authors as springboards to dive into my own mind, and discover what stories are lurking in its depths. In turn, in my lyrics I try to create galaxies for my listeners to explore, which will hopefully ignite some of their own thinking. For this reason, bookstores hold a special significance to me. Bookstores can be magical places, gateways to a myriad of universes into which one need only dip their mind, and with a little thought, pull out something amazing.”

The White Ravens Borders Bookstores Tour Dates
Tuesday, July 6th
CD RELEASE SHOW Borders – Downtown Ann Arbor
612 E. Liberty Street, Ann Arbor, MI
(734) 668-7652
7:00 PM

Saturday, July 10th
Borders – Waters Place
3140 Lohr Rd., Ann Arbor, MI
(734) 997-8884
2:00 PM

Friday, July 16th
Borders – Canton
43435 Ford Rd., Canton, MI
(734) 844-2090
8:00 PM

photo by Nick Kopystynsky
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Staff Infection: Family Ties Mixtape

What is a mixtape?

To some people, a mixtape is simply a collection of songs. For others, mixes are used to prepare for a significant event, like a first date or a road trip. Since I spend part of my day teaching Literature to community college students who often look older than I do and the other part of my day scouting out new clients for Green Light Go, I’m always on the move.

My iPod (which I endearingly refer to as “Pod Stewart”) is my saving grace, because my music listening habits are about as fluid as my lifestyle. One thing I love about my iPod is that I can use the “On-the-Go” feature to make a mini mixtape at the click of a button, to kick start my day or create a short list of favorite songs to listen to at a moment’s notice.

In the wake of Father’s Day, I’ve decided to make a little mixtape that relates to one of the most important themes in my life: my family.

When I was around five years old, my father (a former rock drummer), took our family on a trip to Graceland so that I could visit the home of my idol at the time, Elvis Presley. Growing up, I inherited my knowledge of rock history from my Uncle Dave, the man who presented me with my first Sony Walkman and The Beatles’ Help! cassette tape on my sixth birthday. Last summer, Dave and I had the pleasure of seeing Ian McLagan perform (one of our favorite Faces), which will always be one of my fondest memories. Ultimately, my family has been instrumental in shaping my love and appreciation for music, so I made this Monday Mixtape with them in mind.

Moving forward, my future Staff Infection columns will feature the Monday Mixtapes I create, so you can plug in a set of ear buds and race across town with me.

Monday Mixtape – Family Ties

Sam Roberts, “Detroit ’67” from Love at the End of the World

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, “Home” from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

The Beatles, “Help!” from Help!

Coconut Records, “Drummer” from Davy

Faces, “Ooh La La” from Ooh La La

Wilco, “Hummingbird” from A Ghost is Born

Pete Yorn, “Suspicious Minds” (Elvis Presley Cover) from Live From New Jersey

Photo (Left to Right) - Janelle Rogers, Ian McLagan, Lauren Roberts, David McIntyre, Uncle Dave Roberts.

Every week a different Green Light Go staff member will write about what bands have infected their ears for the week and give you an opportunity to hear it for yourself.

This week: Lauren Roberts, Green Light Go Talent Coordinator/Publicity Client Scout.

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Music Monday - Consequence of Sound Talks Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend and More...

Music Monday Q&A

Running a music blog/website ca be a 24-hour job. People like Consequence of Sound's Alex Young don't have regular set hours because if you want to break the latest news, and beat others to the punch, you need to be ready to do so at the drop of a hat. That means a lot of work, late hours and scanning the Internet for new music. Based in New York and Chicago, one of CoS' coolest sections is Festival Outlook; a database that keeps track of all the newest lineup and rumors running around for music festivals all over the world. They must have spies on the inside. Considering how busy he is, we truly appreciate Young answering our questions.

1. How long has CoS been operating?
We have been up and running since September 2007. Ironically enough, however, it was never meant to be one... it eventually evolved into. Initially, it was just a hobby, but after meeting Michael Roffman – who is now the President & Editor-in-Chief – it sort of quickly evolved into a full-time profession.

2. What makes CoS different from other websites?
I think the thing that separates us from a lot of other websites is our passion. It’s not like we’re making a living off this – at least so far – but we’re still completely obsessed with making sure we are first to report a story, review an album, etc. We don’t have necessarily have hours. Instead, we often find ourselves posting at all hours of the day and night, seven days a week. I’m not sure many other websites can say that.

3. Do you think CoS has a specific musical niche?
We pride ourselves on covering all genres, ranging from indie rock and hip-hop to alt-country and electronica. So I don’t think we have a specific niche per say.

4. What contemporary albums are you looking forward to coming out?
Arcade Fire, Ra Ra Riot, The Thermals, Beastie Boys, and Kanye West.

5. How does CoS support independent music and what is important about doing so?
I think it goes without saying that no one buys music anymore. So the best ways to support artists are to do things like buy merch, attend a concert, and telling a friend. So make sure you do that. On CoS, we do things like post tour announcements and provide links to buy tickets and post spotlights about up-and-coming bands. We are also really trying to get into the events business, which would serve as another vehicle to showcase independent artists.

6. Do you think online publications are taking precedence over print magazines? What kind of effect do you think that has on bands?
In some respects, yes, but I do think both can co-exist. A magazine is a better outlet for feature stories since it’s a more engaging activity to read print on a page than it is on a website. (People on the web have short attention spans.). But I think when it comes to news and learning about new artists, online publications take precedence. After all, a magazine cannot publish breaking news or include an mp3.

7. What blogs/publications do you read other than your own?
My favorite websites are (most unique info out there), (only music blog that is also a video blog), (they are some of the most clever writers out there), and (since I live in New York).

8. What has been your most definitive moment since you started at CoS?
Standing on stage during Vampire Weekend’s set at Lollapalooza last year and staring out at the 60,000 people watching.

9. If there is any musician/band you could interview (dead or alive) who would it be?
Jack White. By far the most interesting musician alive. I would love to write a book about him one day.

10. If you could be in any band (of all time), who would you rock with?
The Clash? The Raconteurs? The Thermals? Couldn’t choose just one.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Green Light Go Fresh MP3 Friday: NXNE Style

In honor of NXNE this week we are giving you a few mp3s of showcasing bands on the GLG roster.  Feel free to post any of the approved songs below on your blog or tweet to your friends. Not on our email list to receive these directly and want to be? Send an email over to info(at)

Neutral Uke Hotel
“King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1” (Neutral Milk Hotel Cover)
Genre: Indie rock, Cover song
For fans of: Neutral Milk Hotel

Golden Bloom
"Doomsday Devices"
"Doomsday Devices" The Motion Sick style, in honor of Mike Epstein and Matt Girard who play with Neutral Uke Hotel"
Genre: Indie rock, power pop
For fans of: Wilco, Ben Kweller, Click Here to Read More..

Favorite Friday with The White Ravens: Dissecting The Shins

Amy Bennett of sibling duo The White Ravens has a very unique way of thinking about the songs that she listens to and how they affect her. Bennett thinks and sometimes talks like a scientist-turned-indie rocker who still has a youthful wide-open view of the world. While we may not understand everything she is talking about; it's completely intriguing to see how music makes the wheels in her head spin. Gargoyles and Weather Vanes is set for release July 6!

The Top 5 Songs That Convince Me Mind Control is A-Okay

1. "Red Rabbits," The Shins
One moment I’m sitting in a comfortable swivel chair in front of my computer, my cursor descending upon a certain music track in iTunes. The next moment, my lungs are being crushed under layers of sedimentary rock, and something very strange is happening to red bunnies. No, I haven’t gone off the deep end, The Shins have just caused me to involuntarily hallucinate. I like this. In fact, I’d surrender control of my own mind to The Shins’ visually evocative lyrics anytime.

2. "Machine in the Ghost," The Faint
I am completing some unrelated, and generally menial task, such as sucking up liquid with laboratory equipment and squirting said liquid into something. This is a comforting task. All is well with the world. Suddenly, something shatters the nirvana of liquid relocation. A sound on the periphery of hearing. It sounds awfully like...buzzing. I look around the lab, to make sure that nothing is quietly exploding. I strain my ears. It hits me: the noise is inside of my head, and has lyrics, too. Witty lyrics. In a whir of synths, I realize that it is “Machine in the Ghost." In the hierarchy of deviously insidious songs, “Machine in the Ghost” has to be at least an emperor. An emperor to which one wants to surrender ones mental territories. Frankly, The Faint, go ahead. Your synthesizers can have my brain.

3."Die by the Drop," The Dead Weather
When I listen to “Die by the Drop” I find my feet tapping. Involuntarily. The Dead Weather’s bulldozer of distorted guitars and vocals pummels both not only my brain, but my body into a state of zombie-like entrancement.

4. "Parasites," Daniel Kahn
A parasitic liver fluke worm manipulates the minds of its ant hosts. By day, the ants perform their normal tasks in the ant colony, but during the night, the ants crawl to the tips of blades of grass and wait to be consumed along with a mouthful of grass, by a cow. By toying with the minds of ants, the liver fluke worm finds its way back to the cow, its final host. In “Parasites,” Kahn describes the life cycle of liver fluke worms and two other parasites in gory, excruciating detail, to the sounds of blaring Klezmer clarinet and accordion. If all mind control is accompanied by sizzling hot, gleefully sinister Klezmer music, I say bring on the parasites.

5."She’s Actual Size," They Might be Giants
If your lyrics are frightening enough to induce phobias in listeners, you know you are doing something right. They Might Be Giants manages to write lyrics that are so mind-manipulating, they instill me with a deep fear. It can only be described in TMBG’s own words: “Words fail, buildings tumble, the ground opens wide, light beams down from heaven. She stands before my eyes.” I don’t know exactly what “she” is. I generally imagine a bear/woman hybrid with sledgehammers for arms. Regardless, living in a world in which I feel empowered by the availability of information, and microwavable chocolate thingies, I have disturbing lack of helplessness and irrational fear. Thank you, TMBG, for providing my brain its daily required dose of pure, visceral terror.

Each Friday, hence the name Favorite Friday - one GLG band/artist will send us a list and comments about their "favorites" of the week. It could be a list of albums they are listening to in the van, books they are reading, guilty pleasure TV, and so on. We hope these various "favorites" will give you unique glimpse into the lives of our bands.
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grindhouse Album Trailer Starring Neil Nathan and Bobby Harlow (The Go)

Vintage Grindhouse, Blaxploitation, gritty '70s, and B-movie styles all rolled into one.

Viewed like a new movie trailer you'd see at the theater, musician Neil Nathan found a really unique and enjoyable way to promote his forthcoming album The Distance Calls. Playing off the vintage Grindhouse, Blaxploitation, gritty '70s, B-movie styles, brought to life by contemporary directors such as Robert Rodriguez, the "film trailer" is like a teaser introduction to the "cast" of The Distance Calls. Nathan teamed up with illustrator Ryan Gaffney (who also did the amazing liner notes for his new album) to make the short film. With a deep soul voiceover, announcing the musicians who play on The Distance Calls, it is only perfectly fitting that the hard-hitting Shaft-narrator is actually Nathan himself.

Watch this awesome (I mean, it really is) video and be transported, inspired, and totally entertained. This trailer alone makes me want to listen to the album more and more and more......

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Golden Bloom's Golden Rules

OMG! Another new weekly feature on the GLG blog? Yep, and we love it. Each Wednesday (well, you know how musicians are, so hopefully every Wednesday....) we will treat you to a Guest Blogger from our lovely group of artists. Each Guest Blogger will have a different name for their column. We start off with Shawn Fogel of Golden Bloom/Neutral Uke Hotel and his "Golden Bloom's Golden Rules." He likes to write, a lot. I mean a lot. But he's pretty excited about playing in Toronto this weekend, so we let him go crazy.

This week’s Golden Rule: Always have something to look forward to!

Whether it’s the Monday morning of another work week from hell, the beginning of a 10-hour drive through a torrential downpour, or the first 10 minutes of Green Day’s horrendous Broadway show, you can get through anything as long as you have something to look forward to. I know that the faithful readers of this here blog are far too sharp to miss the fact that I just said I saw Green Day’s American Idiot on Broadway. It’s true, I did. I won’t go into detail about how I ended up seeing the show, but I will tell you that I would give it the same two word review famously attributed to Spinal Tap’s 1980 release Shark Sandwich.

The reason I share what would normally be a secret too dark even during the most epic slumber party “Truth or Dare" sessions is that it’s a perfect example of this week’s Golden Rule. I made it through all 90 minutes of dreadful plotless-ness because I had something to look forward to, and that something is this year’s North By Northeast (NXNE) music festival in Toronto.

The Great White North’s equivalent of SXSW is five days, 650 bands with simultaneous film and interactive festivals to boot. Golden Bloom had the privilege of playing NXNE last year and when I got the invite to return I couldn’t have been happier. I’ve never had a bad experience in Toronto (unlike my friend Tom who got food poisoning from a Korean BBQ and got really sick the following day at a gig in North Bay, ON). The city is cleaner than New York (sorry New York), the people are friendly (sorry New York), and well, I just plain like it better than New York (sorry New York, I think you and I should start seeing other cities).

This year we’ll be in Toronto for three nights, playing three shows (one Golden Bloom show and two Neutral Uke Hotel shows). Two of the bands I’m most excited about seeing are both bands that I’ve enjoyed sharing the stage with over the past year. Coincidentally, BOTH of these bands are from Cincinnati, OH (also coincidentally, both bands feature those boy/girl vocals that we all know Green Light Go goes gaga for)!

First is The Seedy Seeds, who play at Rancho Relaxo at 10 pm on Thursday, June 17th. I love the fact that they are playing a venue named after the spa Marge Simpson visits in “Homer Alone” (15th episode of the 3rd season)! Margaret (vocals, guitar, accordion, keyboard), Mike (vocals, banjo) and Brian (drums) combined the oft far removed organic elements of country/folk and the electronic elements of dance music like a Reese’s Cup of pure musical joy (You got banjo in my electronica! You got electronica in my banjo!). The Seedy Seeds are a ton of fun and I can’t wait for NXNE fun-seekers to see and hear them on stage for the first time.

The other band I’m really looking forward to seeing is Wussy, who play The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern at 11pm on Friday, June 18th. Chuck (vocals, guitar) and Lisa (vocals, guitar) write amazing songs that are equal parts pretty and noisy. Matter of fact, I love Wussy’s songs so much I recently recorded a Golden Bloom cover of “Magic Words” (my favorite song off their most recent self-titled full length album). It’s still in the super top-secret song vault right now, but hopefully we’ll share Golden Bloom’s Wussy cover with the world pretty soon.

If you are attending this year’s NXNE festival, you’ve got a lot to look forward to. Those of you who aren’t Toronto bound shouldn’t feel blue, and shouldn’t forget this week’s Golden Rule. If you can’t think of anything to look forward to at the moment (other than the next edition of Golden Bloom’s Golden Rules), I hope you find solace in the fact that the not-so-distant future where robots play improvisational jazz is finally here!
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thank You, Good Night: Avi Wisnia at The Triad Theater

Only with Avi Wisnia will you get a concert that includes limited-edition kazoos (!), Magnolia Bakery cupcakes, and Cyndi Lauper covers all in one night. In his own words, Wisnia shares with us his own personal review of his NYC CD release show for Something New, June 3 at The Triad Theater (national release date for the album is June 29).

"One of the many reasons I love New York City: New Yorkers are not afraid to kazoo. I had one of the best crowds I ever had at my CD release party. We started off the evening with a kazoo-along (everyone who attended received limited-edition Avi Wisnia kazoos) to the song "Rabbit Hole." There were even some people who brought their bunny ears from the video premiere a few months back (catch it now on YouTube!). The band and I played songs from the new album, some from my first EP and even a brand new world-premiere of a Cyndi Lauper cover. It helped that we had saxophone, flute, cello and trumpet to round out the evening and make it a huge party."

"The vibe in the room was incredible, and the space was the perfect venue for this celebration, though we all agreed that the theater looked like something from the Muppets - and I certainly would not have minded a cameo from Gonzo. We ended the evening with the title track "Something New," with the males singing Chicago, over-lapping the females singing Sade, while the band jammed and wailed on the tune. If it would have fit, I would have invited every single person up on stage. and bless the soul of whoever brought Magnolia cupcakes, which were passed around as we all hung out afterward to party down in the theater. There's nothing I like more than making good music with good people, and New York, you made it one of the most fun shows I've ever played. Thank you, and good night."

photos by Becky Dorwin-Kipnis

"Thank You, Good Night" takes a birds eye view of what it's like for a band to play a show that can only described as a pinnacle experience for the band themselves.

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News Roundups from Brooklyn Vegan, Prefix, Jewcy and more...

Brooklyn Vegan announces Neutral Uke Hotel dates.

Prefix Magazine deems the Naked Hearts an Artist to Watch, stating "they make bare-bones indie rock more in the mold of the Breeders than the Vivian Girls."  StereoActive NYC reviewed their recent album, Mass Hysteria, saying it "left us with a full heart and a happy glint in our eyes."

Jewcy profiles Shawn Fogel of Golden Bloom, Neutral Uke Hotel, The Leevees, Macaroons, and The Zambonis in The Big Jewcy. (I'm telling you, this guy has E.N.E.R.G.Y). 

FernTV asks Shawn Fogel a few questions about Neutral Uke Hotel in anticipation of the NXNE shows.

Jersey Beat's Jim Testa plays The White Ravens' "Tick Tock" and Alan Cohen Experience's "Einstein" on his weekly radio station "Rock & Roll Gas Station." Listen on - Thursday nights at 10 pm, Sundays at 7 pm, Mondays at 6 pm and - Mondays at 1 pm and 8 pm, Tuesdays at 7 pm

Snob's Music announces the release of Neil Nathan's This Distance Calls due out August 24th. They say of the singer-songwriter, "Nathan is one of the most promising songwriters I've heard in years.  His lyrics are clever and he manages to pens hooks that are so sharp you could go fishing with them."

Record Dept reviews Naked Hearts album saying, "the entire album is incredibly strong. Alternating turns on vocals, Cooper and Wheeler complement the evocative, grungy guitar lines that sound both familiar and fresh."

Faronheit posts Alan Cohen Experience, Neutral Uke Hotel, and Neil Nathan mp3s.

Wildy's World reviews Gwyneth & Monko's upcoming EP Good Old Horse, saying "Gwyneth Moreland & Michael Monko carry with them old-time charm that's steeped in the Appalachian tradition. The comparison of Moreland to Lisa Loeb is apt if Loeb lived 100 years ago in the mountains of West Virginia. Don't be surprised if Gwyneth & Monko become darlings of the folk circuit over the next few years." 

Harris Radio features Avi Wisnia's "New Year"  on Podcast #12.

Women of Substance plays Gwyneth & Monko's "Lexington Ballad" on their Americana show.
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Monday, June 14, 2010

Staff Infection - Broken Social Scene(s)

I'm the kind of person who uses music to augment my mood. Feeling down, and I'll throw on "Us" by Regina Spektor and attempt to sing along. Unfocused: Then it'll be Deastro's Keepers to get my nose back to the grindstone. I also love all of the things that technology, social networking and digital devices can do to help me find and share new music. I'm especially in love with the wave of "radio" options lately. If I need music to work by, I just pick a favorite song and off Zune's Smart DJ,'s radio or Pandora goes. I'm in biz for hours!
This week I found myself listening to a mix of new and old favorites. There's Janelle Monáe for flash and slick production (not to mention pure strangeness), Fleet Foxes for just-have-to-stop-and-listen beauty, and buzzy, shouty punk from Dayton's Human Reunion. All manner of sonic Paxil, Ritalin and Prozac lie in the following list. I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I have.

Janelle Monáe, "Tightrope" (Featuring Big Boi) from ArchAndroid

Sleigh Bells, "Tell 'Em" from Treats

Fleet Foxes, "White Winter Hymnal" from Fleet Foxes

Chris Bathgate, "I Know How You're Going to Die Tonight" from Throatsleep

Phoenix, "Lisztomania" from Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Broken Social Scene, "Meet Me In the Basement" from Forgiveness Rock Record

Leopold and His Fiction, "Golden Friends" from Golden Friends EP

Lady Gaga, "Teeth" from The Fame Monster

Human Reunion, "Dog Bowls" from Carbonics 7"

Every week a different Green Light Go staff member will write about what bands have infected their ears for the week and give you an opportunity to hear it for yourself.

This week: Kelly Bennett, Green Light Go Publicity Assistant
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Music Monday - The Devil Has the Best Tuna Talks My Bloody Valentine, MIA and More...

Music Monday with The Devil Has the Best Tuna

The Devil Has the Best Tuna
is an odd name for a music blog, but we're fine with that because they have been staunch supporters of Green Light Go artists. Based in Liverpool, England, "The Devil is dedicated to unearthing known, unheard, unseen, unheralded, unfamiliar or down right unbelievable bands old or new that have not yet hit the radars of the British public." Main Devil, Paul Kerr has reached out to North America, picking up on the newest State-side bands as well. He does such a great job, we decided to let him keep his "European/Canadian" way of spelling things like "flavour."

Music Monday Q&A

1. How long has Devil been operating?
The Devil's first post was on Sunday August 6, 2006 ... titled "I've Started Something." I started it because of a band called the Monolators. I loved their sound and wanted to share their brilliance with the world. I can’t believe that it was nearly four years ago and the blog is still thriving.

2. What makes Devil different from other websites?
The Devil focuses on the unheard, the unknown, the unseen, the unheralded, and the unfamiliar. The type of band that lost a champion when the late great John Peel died. The Devil takes the road less travelled seeking out talent and originality in those dark corners that others pass by. You’re more likely to find an Indonesian Yeah Yeah Yeahs sound alike on The Devil Has The Best Tuna than the latest blogosphere flavour of the month.

3. Do you think Devil has a specific musical niche?
The Devil is too eclectic to be considered niche. I write about bands that excite me, that move me, that make me laugh, that make me cry, that make the world a better place. There’s something for everyone on the blog whether you’re into Americana, Brit-pop, alt-rock, shoegazing, punk, junk or avant-funk.

4. What contemporary albums are you looking forward to coming out?
I love the use of the word contemporary just in case I was looking forward to the Greatest Hits of Vera Lynn or Engelbert Humperdinck's latest oeuvre! I’d love to be able to say I was looking forward to the second La’s album and the new My Bloody Valentine album ...but I assume you mean albums that are likely to see the light of day!

Although they’ve already released albums this year I’m already looking forward to hearing more from Happy Birthday, First Aid Kit and Tiny Vipers. I’m hoping that the amazing Gaggle will be releasing an album sometime soon and I can’t wait to hear ‘Surfing The Void’ the much anticipated new Klaxons album. Other albums that I’m hoping will make my ears smile are M.I.A’s ‘/\/\/\Y/\’, The Coral’s ‘Butterfly House’, Bombay Bicycle Club’s ‘Flaws’ and School of Seven Bells’ ‘Disconnect To Desire.’

5. How does Devil support independent music and what is important about doing so?
The Devil’s mission is to bring independent music to a wider audience. I spend hours each week searching the Internet for the wired, the weird and the wonderful. As well as the blog, I tweet on independent bands and I wax lyrical about independent bands on Facebook. I like to think I do my bit!

It’s important to do so because if music was left to Simon Cowell, the suits, and the major labels we’d be served up nothing but over hyped, over processed homogenized common denominator, spreadsheet rock. Wallpaper music for lifts and shopping centres and what a dull, boring and excruciatingly irritating world that would be. So it’s important to support independent music if only to wipe the smile of Simon Cowell’s smug self satisfied face”!

6. Do you think online publications are taking precedence over print magazine? What kind of effect do you think that has on bands?
It may be a generalisation, but where oldies like The Devil cling like limpets to the printed word, the younger the music fan the more likely they will get their information online rather than through print. The online world is more democratic and provides many more opportunities for bands to be heard and to reach beyond their hometown audience. However the sheer size of the Internet can make it difficult for bands to make themselves heard. The blogosphere can sometimes seem like the biggest closed shop in the world with the same bands appearing on multiple blogs. It’s often the bands with the best PR companies, not necessarily the best bands that get the most publicity. Plus ca change!

7. What blogs/publications do you read other than your own?
As you would expect I read a lot of different music publications and blogs to both keep up with what’s happening in the world of music and to find new bands that I’ve not yet stumbled across to feature on the blog. There isn’t enough room to list all the various blogs/publications that I read but those I find myself returning to time and time again are MP3Hugger, Song By Toad, Artrocker, NME, Mojo and Uncut.

8. What has been your most definitive moment since you started your blog?
The most definitive moment was when I got my first reader on the day I posted my first blog. It was that one reader who made me think it was worth continuing. I wish I knew who he or she is so I could thank them for making an old Devil very happy. Without their curiosity the blog may never have gotten past the first post!

9. If there is any musician/band you could interview (dead or alive) who would it be?
Alive would have to be Morrissey, but I’d probably be struck dumb and end up asking him something really stupid. Dead would be John Lennon and I’d ask him was the Walrus really Paul.

10. If you could be in any band (of all time), who would you rock with?
At the risk of being boring it’d have to be The Smiths, although given my lack of musical talent and being tone deaf I’d probably end up on flower duty.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Brooklyn-based Band, Naked Hearts, Announce Southeast Tour in July

Brooklyn-based duo Naked Hearts are ready to set hearts and ears on fire when head to the southeast with their fuzzed out ‘90s alt-rock and hypnotic girl/boy vocals. The duo has played shows with the likes of The Raveonettes, The Black Angels, and Evan Dando, delivering a perfectly delicate balance of stripped-down raw energy and moody lush vocals.

The Naked Hearts Tour Dates
6/23/10 Cake Shop- New York, NY
6/24/10 Kung Fu Necktie- Philadelphia, PA
7/18/10 Eye Level Art – Charleston, SC
7/19/10 Sentient Bean – Savannah, GA
7/22/10 Government City Grocery - Ocean Springs, MS
7/23/10 Magic City Wholesale –Birmingham, AL
7/24/10 JJ’s Bohemia – Chattanooga, TN
7/25/10 The Basement – Nashville, TN
7/27/10 Broadway’s –Asheville, TN

Listen to "Mass Hysteria" and "Call Me" off of the debut album, Mass Hysteria.

Follow Naked Hearts on Twitter
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NXNE Adds Second Neutral Uke Hotel Show to Outdoor Stage

I hesitate to use the word buzz, but for lack of a better word to describe the rabid fan base that's developing around Shawn Fogel's side project, Neutral Uke Hotel, I feel I must. And why wouldn't there be a rabid fan base when a musician announces they will perform Neutral Milk Hotel's pinnacle album, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea live in it's entirety? On ukulele. Only forming a few months ago, in late April, Neutral Uke Hotel already has 2,716 fans who have determined they do indeed "like" the band. One has even posted on Craig's List, trying to find someone to go to the Mercury Lounge show on June 15th where NUH appears with The Handsome Family. So it came of no surprise to us that NXNE would add a second Neutral Uke Hotel show to their lineup. If you are in Toronto on Friday, June 18th head on over to Yonge Dundas Square at 2pm to catch NUH on the Bacardi Dock stage.

And if you haven't heard of Shawn's original band, Golden Bloom, don't hesitate to check out the insanely catchy melodies on Saturday night at 9pm at Czehoski.

For full tour dates

Neutral Uke Hotel Tour Dates:
Tuesday, 6/15 - Mercury Lounge - New York, NY (with The Handsome Family)
Wednesday, 6/16 - Rongovian Embassy - Trumansburg, NY

Friday, 6/18-NXNE - Bacarda Dock in Yonge Dundas Square,-Toronto ON
Friday, 6/18 - NXNE -The Painted Lady- Toronto, ON
Sunday, 6/20 - Mohawk Place - Buffalo, NY
Tuesday, 6/22 - The Khyber - Philadelphia, PA
Wednesday, 6/23 - Acoustic Cafe - Bridgeport, CT
Friday, 6/25 - The Basement - Northampton, MA

Golden Bloom, "Doomsday Devices"
The Motion Sick, "Doomsday Devices" cover (streamed audio) (hint: members Mike Epstein and Matt Girard play with Neutral Uke Hotel)
Neutral Uke Hotel, "King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1"
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Mayor Bloomberg Invites Avi Wisnia to Perform at Private Event on June 15th

A man of many hats, Avi Wisnia was asked to perform at a private Jewish Heritage Event by Mayor Bloomberg at the Gracie Mansion on Tuesday, June 15th at 5 pm. The event is by invitation only, and is truly an honor to not only play for Mayor Bloomberg but to perform in a historical landmark estate. The release date for Wisnia's Something New is getting closer and closer, hitting shelves June 29.

Gracie Mansion has a beautiful history, built in 1799 in New York by Archibald Gracie, the grand house overlooks the East River. Gracie sold the home in 1823 and by 1896 the City of New York appropriated the estate and its 11 acres. According to their website, the house was restored in 2002 into the "People's House,: "With increased accessibility to the public and to City agencies. It has also been used to accommodate visiting officials and dignitaries, such as former guests First Lady Rosalynn Carter and President Nelson Mandela."

"The Gracie Mansion Conservancy is a private not-for-profit corporation established in 1981 to preserve, maintain and enhance Gracie Mansion - one of the oldest surviving wood structures in Manhattan and a member of The Historic House Trust. The Conservancy's mission is to raise funds to restore the historic structure and acquire furnishings that illustrate the rich history of New York; improve the surrounding landscape and gardens; and provide educational services, including publications and tours."

The Big Takeover's Jack Rabid, says of Wisnia, "Like a cross between Dr. John, Professor Longhair, Ben Folds, Joni Mitchell, and early Billy Joel. But his approach is refracted through the prism of Brazilian bossa nova, occasional acoustic guitar folk forays, and ‘70s singer/songwriter fare—“I Wish That I Could Stop Writing Songs About You” and “The Back of Your Hand” are especially Mitchell-esque, and “Goodnight” sounds like Art Garfunkel doing jazz—then sings with a smoothly smoky voice that recalls Elvis Costello and Joe Pernice both in sound and delivery.”

Avi Wisnia Tour Dates

Tuesday, June 15, Gracie Mansion, 5 pm.
The Gracie Mansion Conservancy
Gracie Mansion East End Avenue at 88th Street
New York, New York 10128
Invitation only

Monday, June 21, The Fourth Annual Williamsburgers & Wieners BBQ, 6- 9 pm
Cyn Lounge - Garden Patio - 216 Bedford Ave Brooklyn, NY
Saturday, June 26 0 Philadelphia's Magic Gardens, 2 pm.
1020 South Street Philadelphia, PA - [map]
Free, All Ages

Sunday, July 11, Club Passim, 5:30 pm
47 Palmer St. Cambridge, MA
All Ages
Cover: $12/$10 (Club Passim Members)
Opening Act: Caleb Hawley
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Friday, June 11, 2010

GLG Fresh MP3 Friday-Neutral Milk Hotel and TLC Covers, Leopold and His Fiction, Naked Hearts and more...

You need free mp3s, we have free mp3s. Feel free to post any of the approved songs below on your blog or tweet to your friends. Not on our email list to receive these directly and want to be? Send an email over to info(at)

New This Week!

Neil Nathan, From The Distance Calls Release Date: August 24, 2010
California Run
Genre: Powerpop
For fans of: Matthew Sweet, Cat Stevens, The Go, Marc Bolan

Neutral Uke Hotel
“King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1” (Neutral Milk Hotel Cover)
Genre: Indie rock, Cover song
For fans of: Neutral Milk Hotel

And for those you may have missed...

Naked Hearts, From Mass Hysteria released May 11, 2010
“Mass Hysteria”
“Call Me” Genre: Fuzz pop/grunge
For fans of: PJ Harvey, Sonic Youth, Liz Phair

The True Jacqueline, From Nice Bird due out June 22, 2010
“It’s the Water”
Genre: Twee pop
For fans of: Early New Pornographers

Avi Wisnia, From Something New due out June 29, 2010
“New Year”
“No Scrubs” (TLC cover)
Genre: Brazillian Bossa Nova, Contemporary Jazz
For fans of: Jamie Cullum

The White Ravens, From Gargoyles and Weather Vanes due out July 6, 2010
“Tick Tock”
Genre: Garage rock
For fans of: The White Stripes, Fiery Furnaces

Gwyneth & Monko, From Good Old Horse due out July 20, 2010“Good Old Horse”
“Lexington Ballad” Genre: Americana/Folk
For fans of: Jenny Lewis, Gillian Welch

Alan Cohen Experience, From Space & Time due out August 31, 2010
Genre: Anti-folk/power pop
For fans of: Adam Green, Jeffrey Lewis, The Moldy Peaches

Leopold and His Fiction, From the upcoming album TBA
“Golden Friends”
Genre: Garage folk
For fans of: The Black Keys, Kings of Leon, Heartless Bastards
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Favorite Friday with Alan Cohen Experience: A Phish-y Experience

Alan Cohen Experience 's
Favorite Recordings of the Week

Our first thought was, Alan Cohen is pulling a fast one on us for his debut on Favorite Friday. Then after thinking about Cohen's pop culture obsessions we reconsidered it and realized; this is exactly the kind of out-of-left field thing the songwriter would do. Apparently he's been listening to a lot of Phish lately.
For Cohen's Favorite Friday, he chose, well, his favorite recordings of Live Phish concerts. Yes, Phish... the jam band. (Cough) It was the ultimate Phish era going to high school in the '90s. It's all my teenage peers, who then turned into college students listened to . I realized, much like the Grateful Dead, these specific kids weren't simply fans of Phish – the were obsessed. Audience members, and now the band itself, is notorious for recording the shows and circulating them to fans illegally and now legally. I know too much about Phish.....

I still needed Cohen to explain this odd choice for his Favorite Friday however:

In his very own words: "It's a combination of complete shows that Phish puts out for purchase/download and shows that fans tape and circulate. There are people out there that have heard and have a copy of every single Phish show - how crazy is that?! That's over 1000. Check out - starting in 2003, Phish puts up every new concert they play for download, and they have about 40 "archival" shows. It's a great band to be a fan of..."

"This week has been devoted to yours and my favorite band from the 90's - Phish. All Phish, all the time. Phish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Phish stewed, fried, gelled, raw, and mashed. Young Phish, old Phish, medium Phish, small Phish. Delish Phish, stanky Phish, 4-man Phish, 5-man Phish, 3-man Phish."

Here's his list:

10/30/85 Burlington, VT
This was a rare show as a five-man, after Page (McConnell, keyboardist) joined the band, but before "the other" guitarist left. The debut of "Harry Hood" is fan-fiddly-astic, and the show overall is very tight. Even better is the lack of Grateful Dead covers which they used to do in their infancy.

4/24/87 University of Vermont
A tight, short show for an "Earth Week" festival. This was the only time they ever played their song "Punch Me in the Eye" (not to be confused with "Punch You in the Eye"). It is strange, spastic, and awesome.

8/26/89 Townshend, VT
A three-set outdoor show that is a great overview of where they were and what they had been up to in the '80s. This is considered to be a "Gamehendge" show, although they didn't play "Wilson". If you don't know what this means, then start listening to Phish gosh-darnit! By the way, "Wilson" was played pretty differently in the '80s.

10/31/90 Colorado College
This show is RIPPING! Just listen to it.

7/12/91 Keene, NH
Phish did a short tour with a brass section called the "Giant Country Horns." This is the only show of the series I've heard, but it kind of blows. "Bathtub Gin" is fantastic, but the rest of the songs are sloppy and weird-sounding (not in a good way). Phish doesn't always play well with others...

11/19/92 St. Michael's College
1992 was all high-energy shows with ripping solos, shop-till-you-drop set lists and segues. They were not into their exploratory era yet, but they were getting there. This show is pretty good, and "Lengthwise" may be the greatest Phish song of all time.

12/01/92 Denison University
This is a killer show, with an outstanding version of "Fluffhead." "Maze" may also be one of the best Phish songs of all time, and this version kicks ass.

12/31/95 Madison Square Garden
Many call this the greatest Phish show of all time. I completely agree... at least as a prog-rock band. In the late '90s when they hit their jam/exploratory/funk era, a show like this almost seems like a moldy oldie. But really, though - this is their Live at Leeds. You can get it through Rhino Records, mixed from their 24-track recording.

2/28/03 Uniondale, NY
I was at this show, which was during their first tour after they took a two-year hiatus. By far and away the best concert I have ever seen by any band, and without a doubt one of the greatest Phish concerts of all time. The band agrees, and even remastered it to CD and put it out in stores.

6/25/10 Camden, New Jersey
OK, so this show hasn't happened yet. I'm going to it, and this is in the hopes of it being awesome.

Each Friday, hence the name Favorite Friday - one GLG band/artist will send us a list and comments about their "favorites" of the week. It could be a list of albums they are listening to in the van, books they are reading, guilty pleasure TV, and so on. We hope these various "favorites" will give you unique glimpse into the lives of our bands.
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