Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Magnet Magazine - The White Ravens

There's a lot of buzz floating around The White Ravens and it's as sweet as honey to announce just some of their latest news. A CD release show for July 6 in Ann Arbor, a write up from Magnet Magazine, an interview with Absolute Punk and more.

Magnet just might be falling in love with Detroit's newest duo, The White Ravens. The indie-rock bible featured the band for their MP3 At 3PM feature. With a fabulous full photo of Will and Amy Bennett, Magnet chose their MP3 with "Sparks," and "Tick-Tock," from their upcoming July 6 release Gargoyles and Weather Vanes.

“Sparks,” the first single from the upcoming LP, is a bright and happy number with a really sharp bass line that fills out the piano’s melody nicely." Thanks Magnet. A peek at the website's comments and people agree!

Absolute Punk interviewed Amy and Will, in which the siblings offered some pretty whimsical answers. It's a fun read. A favorite might be Amy's answer to AP's usual question "What is your vacation spot of choice?" The singer's answer: "If I could choose any place to vacation, I'd choose Paul McCartney's chin. It would be really, really neat to get a glimpse into his daily life. Also, on his chin I could probably sustain myself on the crumbs that fall out of his mouth. I bet he eats wonderful food." The remaining interview is filled with great content.

And last but not least, actually, the most, come celebrate record release of Ggargoyles and Weather Vanes with the band's in-store performance at Borders Downtown Ann Arbor on July 6. At 7 p.m on Tuesday, July 6 fans will hear songs from the duo's Jim Diamond (The White Stripes, The Ponys) produced album. If you've only heard snippets from Gargoyles and Weather Vanes, be prepared to be blown away by the band's live show. With a full band rounding out the sound of the Bennett siblings, the live show really turns their rough and tumble piano-driven pop melodies into something even bigger and brighter to bop along to.

The White Ravens Tour Dates
Thursday, June 24- The Neutral Zone w/ The Astronomers

Saturday, June 26 - Ann Arbor Summer Festival - Top of the Park
Top of the Park: Grassrootz Stage at Ingalls Mall, 5:30 pm, Ann Arbor, MI

Tuesday, July 6 - CD Release, Borders Bookstore, Downtown Ann Arbor, MI, 7 pm

Saturday, July 10 - Borders, Saline Road, Ann Arbor, MI

Friday, July 16 - Borders, Canton, MI, 8 pm

Friday, July 23, Ann Arbor Art Fair, Ann Arbor, MI, 7-8 pm


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