Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pop Goes the Weasel - Alan Cohen Experience

Introducing another GLG Guest Blogger....drum roll..... Alan Cohen of Alan Cohen Experience! The man is like a walking pop-culture encyclopedia that can crack you up as well as throw some sci-fi, rollicking pop at your face. Need we say more, take a look at his "writer" headshot, which he's "talking to his manager on." Gotta love it. We are pleased as punch (whatever that means, maybe he can tell us) that Cohen will have a monthly column about pop culture. Anything and everything. And so we have, "Pop Goes The Weasel," and Cohen's first stab as a Guest Blogger is nothing but completely awesome fun that would make even a vampire laugh....but probably not Lady Gaga.

"As the good Doctor prescribes, this great nation of ours is in need of a good dose of Vitamins to pop (culture)."

Vitamin A - Short for Andy Warhol. Yes, with all the political, geographical, and environmental frustrations, we as a people need someone to shoot... pictures of... all the time. Someone ugly that makes us feel that we all can be great! Someone presiding over a drug-induced, extensively productive, proto-hippy, neo-something group hug. Someone who can bring us a band that can both be cool and write great music: The Velvet Underground (Vitamin VU).

Vitamin BC - The energy and the feel-better vitamin. Obviously this is for a healthy dose of Bill Cosby. Charlie Brown (Vitamin CB) is the only other person on the face of the earth whose iconic image is so closely tied to a sweater design. One trip to the Middle East, and you will see lot's of mustached men in Vitamin BC fashion. In the desert. They adore him.

Vitamin D - The sunshine vitamin. Doo Wop. Feel good music that is awesome and cheesy. Not unlike a good burrito (Vitamin YUM). Frank Zappa tried to bring it back. We need to stop this global obsession with awful club music that managed to fool us into thinking it is "pop." The Drifters are "pop." Michael Jackson is "pop." Coca-Cola is "pop" to the "other" part of the country. Lady Gaga is not "pop," people.

Vitamin E - Eddy Spaghetti. Cousin of Riga Tony. Lookalike for Tony Danza. You need a good dose. Trust me.

Some others...

Vitamin BW - Buffalo Wings

Vitamin GSW - God Street Wine (look them up)

Vitamin BT - Take a bath, stink-face. In a tub.

Vitamin TT - Time travel. We need to steal this technology from the Japanese.

Vitamin LD - Larry David

Eat the Peace,
Alan Cohen Experience

Each Wednesday (well, you know how musicians are, so maybe every other Wednesday....) the GLG blog will treat you to a Guest Blogger pulled from our creative group of artists who have a lot to say. All the time.


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