Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ex-Rentals Vocalist, Sara Radle, Releases Solo Album on September 14th

When you’re involved with as many successful projects as Sara Radle, it's hard to get back to the studio to work on your own music. But the former Rentals vocalist has finally done just that, the result being Four, a full-length album due out September 14th. Filled with beautiful, darling pop songs, complete with 60s-girl-group-inspired background vocals, string arrangements and clever lyrics, Radle’s musical career comes full circle. "…It's been a long time coming," says Radle. "It’s special to me…it feels like I’m back on track in my path as a musician. It’s like coming back home."

Playing in handfuls of bands, including the current project Walking Sleep, pop-punk band Lucy Loves Schroeder, and The Rentals (re-formed with former Weezer member Matt Sharp), Radle has acquired a whole new arsenal of skills and experience to bring to her solo material. Working at her home studio (Good Kitty Studios), as well as with Grammy-winning engineer, Dennis Moody, Radle was able to work with her songs whenever she liked; trying out new sounds and styles. "The whole recording process was a perfect mix for me – a little Los Angeles, a little Texas, a little studio, and a little home studio," muses the singer/songwriter.

On Four, Radle's precious and pure pop voice is showcased in ten gorgeous songs that tug at the heart (and sometimes punch) with strings and lush layers of vocal harmonies. Every song is like a peek into her personal diary; however Radle does not fit into the simple category of girl and her guitar. She is a well-versed musician and arranger who knows how to work with Americana or folk and meld them into one another with pop magic and wonderment. Radle admits she was a bit cautious about re-launching her solo career in Los Angeles (after spending years establishing herself in Texas). But with Four, it’s not so much a re-launching, as it is just the beginning.

Four Track Listing
1. Fooling Nobody
2. The Baxter Hill
3. The Lonely King
4. Morning Light
5. A Reason To Stay
6. Lucy
7. Convenient Again
8. Song For Adam (free mp3)
9. Crossroads
10. A+K
11. Chicago
12. Over Now
13. Superstar
14. It Won’t Last