Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Golden Bloom / Neutral Uke Hotel Crosses Borders for NXNE

Golden Bloom's mega man Shawn Fogel had the chance to answer some questions for Canadian website FERNTV, "the only website on the planet that combines the beautiful world of entertainment with that of the environment." Wow, that's a pretty neat concept.

In anticipation of the Golden Bloom and Neutral Uke Hotel (a Mr. Michael Epstein of The Motion Sick will be in tow) showcases at Toronto's NXNE 2010 festival on June 18 and 19, Fogel talked to FERNTV about Fan the Flames, its producers and the album's message. To which Fogel replied, "If you're not frustrated to the point of action by the injustices that take place in this world then you're just not paying attention. On the other hand, if you're really paying attention you can't help but be filled with optimism by amazing things we do for each other every day. That's what the album boils down to - being frustrated and optimistic at the same time." Sounds like something we can all relate to.

Read more of the interview here.

It's almost summer in Toronto, which means it's time for NXNE. NXNE has always been a whirl of a week (or weekend) of running from show to show, trying, but usually failing to catch a cab, and stumbling into a showcase that when you end up finally leaving at 3 a.m. you are completely enamored with a new band. Plus it's Toronto; it's clean, safe, the people are nice, and well, I'm excited as heck to see Golden Bloom and Neutral Uke Hotel in my former hometown (ahem, of six months).

Friday, June 18
Golden Bloom Presents: Neutral Uke Hotel at NXNE
The Painted Lady - 218 Ossington Ave, Toronto, Ontario, Canada,
Show: 9:00 PM

Saturday, June 19
Golden Bloom at NXNE
Chezoski - 678 Queen Street West, Toronto
Show: 11:00 PM