Monday, June 21, 2010

Staff Infection: Family Ties Mixtape

What is a mixtape?

To some people, a mixtape is simply a collection of songs. For others, mixes are used to prepare for a significant event, like a first date or a road trip. Since I spend part of my day teaching Literature to community college students who often look older than I do and the other part of my day scouting out new clients for Green Light Go, I’m always on the move.

My iPod (which I endearingly refer to as “Pod Stewart”) is my saving grace, because my music listening habits are about as fluid as my lifestyle. One thing I love about my iPod is that I can use the “On-the-Go” feature to make a mini mixtape at the click of a button, to kick start my day or create a short list of favorite songs to listen to at a moment’s notice.

In the wake of Father’s Day, I’ve decided to make a little mixtape that relates to one of the most important themes in my life: my family.

When I was around five years old, my father (a former rock drummer), took our family on a trip to Graceland so that I could visit the home of my idol at the time, Elvis Presley. Growing up, I inherited my knowledge of rock history from my Uncle Dave, the man who presented me with my first Sony Walkman and The Beatles’ Help! cassette tape on my sixth birthday. Last summer, Dave and I had the pleasure of seeing Ian McLagan perform (one of our favorite Faces), which will always be one of my fondest memories. Ultimately, my family has been instrumental in shaping my love and appreciation for music, so I made this Monday Mixtape with them in mind.

Moving forward, my future Staff Infection columns will feature the Monday Mixtapes I create, so you can plug in a set of ear buds and race across town with me.

Monday Mixtape – Family Ties

Sam Roberts, “Detroit ’67” from Love at the End of the World

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, “Home” from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

The Beatles, “Help!” from Help!

Coconut Records, “Drummer” from Davy

Faces, “Ooh La La” from Ooh La La

Wilco, “Hummingbird” from A Ghost is Born

Pete Yorn, “Suspicious Minds” (Elvis Presley Cover) from Live From New Jersey

Photo (Left to Right) - Janelle Rogers, Ian McLagan, Lauren Roberts, David McIntyre, Uncle Dave Roberts.

Every week a different Green Light Go staff member will write about what bands have infected their ears for the week and give you an opportunity to hear it for yourself.

This week: Lauren Roberts, Green Light Go Talent Coordinator/Publicity Client Scout.