Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Motion Sick Shows Magnet's Film at 11

Ok, so maybe Aquaman isn't the hippest superhero out there. It didn't stop The Motion Sick from writing a song about him anyway.
Magnet says of the video, "A bouncy, lighthearted take on everyone’s least favorite superhero, 'Aquaman’s Lament' is just the kind of quirky observation you’d expect from the Motion Sick: “Superman can fly and can stop a speeding bullet/I can talk to some fish.” Well, you don’t become a superhero just to get the glory. Featuring video clips from classic cartoons such as Super Friends, 'Aquaman’s Lament' is bound to make you nostalgic for the days before Christian Bale." Check out the video at Click Here to Read More..

Friday, October 30, 2009

Hyperstory Makes Magnet a Mixtape

Magnet recently asked hyperstory's C Scott Blevins to make a mix tape and he didn't disappoint.
Magnet says:

Hyperstory’s self-titled debut album, featuring musicians who have played with the likes of Miles Davis, Beck and Jane’s Addiction, will be released November 10 on the Pureland label. The album is a mixture of live instrumentation and programming, and it seamlessly blends genres as diverse as funk, post-rock and jazz. Blevins made MAGNET a mix tape, and you can definitely hear the influence these artists have had on Hyperstory’s music.

Check out his personal mixtape here.Check out his personal mixtape at Click Here to Read More..