Thursday, June 03, 2010

Neutral Milk Fans Not Afraid to Sing-along - Neutral Uke Hotel Announces Six City Tour in June

Neutral Uke Hotel will bring their unique pop spin to Neutral Milk Hotel’s In The Aeroplane Over the Sea – by playing on ukulele on a six-city tour.

It took just one show by Neutral Uke Hotel to blossom into an in-demand tour. Golden Bloom front man Shawn Fogel (you should probably know his name by now, considering he's got so much going on that it offers an almost endless stream of things to write about), has sparked Neutral Milk Hotel fans into a frenzy with the announcement of a June Uke tour, beginning with a June 15 date at the Mercury Lounge in New York with The Handsome Family. Even Fogel can't believe it (look at that picture, hah)!

“It’s one of my favorite records ever, and the album doesn’t just have fans. The people who love that album are obsessed with it…. The goal of the project: [is] to strip these songs down and get people in a room to share their love for this album,’’ Fogel says.

Website Mango Nebula attended that now-famous first Neutral Uke Hotel show at The Armory. They described the show in great detail to make us all jealous and were able to capture some quotes from Fogel. "At the very end, Fogel encouraged the audience to meet each other saying, 'You now know you all have at least one thing in common.' As the audience was filtering out, he sat down with his band mates and the acoustic loop opener, Daniel Harris, to tell the stories of how they each found Neutral Milk Hotel, which after a while eerily started to sound like recalling first sexual encounters. The group planned to have the show be only a one night event, but the response has been so overwhelming that they booked a small east coast tour."

Neutral Uke Hotel Tour Dates:

6/15/10-Mercury Lounge – New York (w/The Handsome Family)

6/16/10-The Rongovian Embassy to the USA, Trumansburg, NY

6/18/10-The Painted Lady, Toronto (NXNE)

6/20/10-Mohawk Place- Buffalo, NY

6/23 - Acoustic Cafe - Bridgeport, CT

6/22/10 - The Khyber - Philadelphia, PA

6/25/10 - The Basement - Northhampton, MA