Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grindhouse Album Trailer Starring Neil Nathan and Bobby Harlow (The Go)

Vintage Grindhouse, Blaxploitation, gritty '70s, and B-movie styles all rolled into one.

Viewed like a new movie trailer you'd see at the theater, musician Neil Nathan found a really unique and enjoyable way to promote his forthcoming album The Distance Calls. Playing off the vintage Grindhouse, Blaxploitation, gritty '70s, B-movie styles, brought to life by contemporary directors such as Robert Rodriguez, the "film trailer" is like a teaser introduction to the "cast" of The Distance Calls. Nathan teamed up with illustrator Ryan Gaffney (who also did the amazing liner notes for his new album) to make the short film. With a deep soul voiceover, announcing the musicians who play on The Distance Calls, it is only perfectly fitting that the hard-hitting Shaft-narrator is actually Nathan himself.

Watch this awesome (I mean, it really is) video and be transported, inspired, and totally entertained. This trailer alone makes me want to listen to the album more and more and more......


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