Monday, June 28, 2010

Favorite Friday with Neutral Uke Hotel: Seth Rogen Plays the Uke?

Neutral Uke Hotel
Neutral Uke Hotel are almost done with their spring tour.... but don't get your indie rock tear ducts ready... we are hoping for some more dates this summer. Made up of members of Golden Bloom and The Motion Sick, GLG had the ultimate (and sometimes way too much fun) experience of attending Toronto's NXNE where Shawn Fogel, Mike Epstein, Matt Girard, Josh Cohen, Andrew Laubacher played to a few crowds including Friday evening's fans who literally sang every word to every Neutral Milk Hotel song. There was no way to be at this show and not smile. As a side note, while this Favorite Friday might not make sense to everybody, if team GLG (and our host Kristin) ever needs to smile, we can all look back at this list. The order is of no importance. Everything is equally as amusing. All in all, this list just shows you how much fun these guys are having playing Neutral Milk Hotel songs for enthusiastic fans. It's all about the fun.

Favorite Inside Jokes from Neutral Uke Hotel's June Tour

1. "Seth Rogen - No one knew he played ukulele."

2. "Out of the way, Mark Messier! - Real Americans coming through."

3. "Let me licorice..." (In the Aeroplane Over the Sunn O))))

4. "Ohh Doh Dee Doh Dee Doh Der" - Andrew's awesome Canadian accent.

5. "We gon' sip Bacardi, like it's your birfday" - A combination of Bacardi and fluorescent colours.

6. "I love little baby ducks ... and onions."

7. Surfer Blood. That's it, just Surfer Blood.

8. 11/05/1955 - "The only problem with that t-shirt is it has the day, month, and year on it."

9. "Is this song on YouTube? Because I'm not going to buy it."

10. Pudding Ball - Just when you thought the World Cup couldn't get any better.

11. Naan-Sequitur- Indian breads and random comments made fresh daily.

12. Xxtra Kredit -Boston's premeire polite-core band featuring International hit-single "Do Your Homework Before You Watch TV") (editors note: "Do your homework!")

13. "As long as I don't see Shawn in his underwear..." (So much for that golden rule)

Want more of NUH from NXNE? Yeah, you do. Here is some 'behind the scenes' footage of La Blogotheque "Take Away Show" taping. (Sorry about the giggle) and a live video we shot of NUH's performing "Holland, 1945" at their Friday night gig at The Painted Lady.

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