Friday, April 30, 2010

Washington Post Kindred spirits: Kings of Leon, Coldplay

Upon the release of No Second Troy's new album Colors, celebrated reviews have been popping up everywhere, all in time before the band's CD release show, Saturday, May 1st at The Black Cat in Washington, DC. Yes! Finally the show is here!!! Woot!

Catherine Lewis of The Washington Post listened to Colors with feeling when she wrote, "The D.C.-based quintet effortlessly conveys the ennui of early adulthood without sounding mopey or solipsistic. These songs are, at their core, sweet pop-rock tunes; they're just infused with a sense of realism and truth." Lewis also noted, "The album standout is the thoughtful "Leap of Faith," in which lead singer Jeff Wharen's vulnerability sounds as if he's both pleading with someone specific and wondering whether that special someone will ever appear."

Delusions of Adequacy also posted an in-depth review of Colors, noting the album's audible sense of colors. "The album’s strategy can be simply detailed: everything, including the music, is made up of colors that attempting to deem something as right/wrong, bad/good, or even, black/white will never amount to anything because of all the grays involved. But upon further listening, one can easily notice that while topical in many forms, it’s a debate that has been raging for years. And through the album’s music, everything is brought forth by musicians that are all comfortable in their own skin, aware of their abilities as band mates. These assets provide an album that is not only aware of its challenging themes but at the same time, filled with an abundant amount of great music," wrote Bryan Sanchez. Click Here to Read More..

Jack Rabid of The Big Takeover on Leopold and His Fiction

The Big Takeover's infamous scribe Jack Rabid gave us a sneak peak at his glowing review of Leopold and His Fiction's Golden Friends EP before the next issue of The Big Takeover hits stands.

"This six-song EP is really a two-song teaser for a forthcoming third LP, with two songs each from last year’s Ain’t No Surprise and 2006’s self-titled debut added. Having reviewed Ain’t in issue 63, the new approach foreshadowed by “Golden Friends” and “Throne” is interesting torment. It’s hard to tell from such limited sample if the San Francisco trio are fully modifying their dirty-roots rock, gut-bucket shake ‘n’ shimmy that had me reaching for Gun Club, Tex & the Horseheads, Flesheaters, and Pontiac Brothers references. But with Thom Monahan (Pernice Brothers) producing, the lighter swamp blues soul of “Golden” is something I could hear Tom Waits howling in a graveyard—although Daniel James’ molasses voice is plenty sexy. “Throne” is just his voice and mostly just a quiet electric guitar playing a line like The Beatles’ “Something.” Bring on the LP." Click Here to Read More..

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Motion Sick Infect Viral Videos

People love to videotape stuff. They really, really love to take videos. And today, it's easier and quicker than ever to do so. It's simple to take a video of your child riding a bike or perhaps many montages of dogs in wheelchairs. Yes, dogs in wheelchairs. People also love to "create" videos, edit it themselves and add music. So where are going with all this?

It seems people have been infected by the catchy tunes of The Motion Sick, and dozens of them are using the band's songs to play over candid footage and video montages that they then of course load onto the Internet. Motion Sick's lead singer Mike Epstein is no stranger to placing music in the right place - he runs the Boston-based Launch Over; a company that handles music licensing, publishing and strategy consulting.

"I've actually got about 50 more videos that I need to post," muses Epstein. It's crazy how much stuff there is out there. They only very recently opened up their searching function to include the fingerprinted music, which is why I am only now becoming aware of all these videos with our music in them. It seems like I find at least 2 or 3 more every day and I don't really spend time digging back too far, so there are probably even more than I've found. I will probably someday have to hire an intern just to post all these videos!"

The current stream of videos Epstein is stumbling upon are all very, well, unique. Some are even kind of creepy. People just love to take the music of The Motion Sick and lay it as soundtrack to their home/created videos. There are so many, Epstein had to create a blog to showcase them all. It's appropriately called Strange Videos and The Motion Sick, Epstein is finding more and more videos every single day. It's a little insane. Some of the videos are almost too weird to even talk about, while other's are cute as a button; like the mentioned little kid on a bike set to The Motion Sick's rollicking song "Winged Bicycle." And then there's the really odd video of Barbies-turned-into real life girls dancing "The Barbie" along to The Motion Sick's "Grace Kelly." It makes absolutely no sense, and it is absolutely worth watching.

"30 Lives" has taken on a life of its own being used in Dance Dance Revolution. There's more than a dozen videos featuring the fun song. One of our favorites is for a exercising DVD called
"Cardio for Indie Rockers." Don't ask us why the ladies look absolutely nothing like what an "indie rocker" is supposed to. Or why they have to pretend they are jump roping instead of using an actual jump rope. Watch it, learn some moves to "30 Lives" and shed those pounds (and fishnet knee highs)!

Epstein's personal favorite use of "30 Lives" is a live video from a couple's first dance at their wedding. The newlyweds choreographed it and freestyle to The Motion Sick on the most important day of their lives. It's so cute that Epstein dubbed it "The Greatest Video Ever in the History of Videos Featuring The Motion Sick." Congratulations to Andrew and Cat.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Watch Leopold and His Fiction Perform "Golden Friends" and "Ain't No Surprise"

Foundwaves captured Leopold and His Fiction on video while the band rocked out at P.A.'s Lounge in Somerville, MA. Feel the moment with the live performances of "Golden Friends" and "Ain't No Surprise."

"Songs by the aptly named Leopold and His Fiction seem almost like short stories collected by an itinerant traveler hitchhiking his way across the country. With raspy narration by singer Daniel James, the music feels drenched in world-weary mystery, populated by the lonely souls who haunt empty bus stations, dusty back-road gas stations, and crumbling saloons," says Foundwaves.

Leopold and His Fiction - "Golden Friends" - Live at PA's Lounge from Extraneous Noise on Vimeo.

Leopold and His Fiction - "Ain't No Surprise" Live at PA's Lounge from Extraneous Noise on Vimeo.

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Magnet Magazine Salutes Grand Atlantic

Indie mag bible Magnet Magazine has paid close attention to our favorite Aussies Grand Atlantic. Magnet had great things to say about the band's style and their U.S. release of How We Survive.

“Coast Is Clear,” which opens How We Survive (Laughing Outlaw), is a heavy bit of Catherine Wheel-style stadium shoegaze that meets its guitar-overdub and painkiller-softened-vocals quota." -- but the magazine's website offers up two bonus tracks to the band's new CD. Take a listen to "She's a Dreamer" and their gorgeous take on Big Star's "September Gurls." Click Here to Read More..

Monday, April 26, 2010

Avi Wisnia Celebrates Glen Barratt Produced NY Record Release on June 3rd

Avi Wisnia will be joined on stage with a full band performance at the Triad Theater to celebrate the release of his debut full-length album Something New. Recorded by Grammy-winning producer Glen Barratt (Amos Lee), Something New’s unpredictable cover songs only highlight the main attraction of his new collection of songs: his incomparable mish-mash of piano-pop meets bossa nova pop gems.

The Big Takeover's Jack Rabid, says of Wisnia, "Like a cross between Dr. John, Professor Longhair, Ben Folds, Joni Mitchell, and early Billy Joel. But his approach is refracted through the prism of Brazilian bossa nova, occasional acoustic guitar folk forays, and ‘70s singer/songwriter fare—“I Wish That I Could Stop Writing Songs About You” and “The Back of Your Hand” are especially Mitchell-esque, and “Goodnight” sounds like Art Garfunkel doing jazz—then sings with a smoothly smoky voice that recalls Elvis Costello and Joe Pernice both in sound and delivery.”

Wisnia uses the piano keys to create lush ballads, and his lyrics can be just as melancholic are they are whimsical, depending the song. He uses his quirky bossa nova-turned pop music in a variety of manners on Something New. His penchant to take the usual and flip it upside down can be heard on the album’s “cover” songs (The Cure’s “Love Song” and TLC’s “No Scrubs”). The title track of Something New could be the perfect song to sum up his mélange of genres that you’ve never heard mixed together before.

Want a taste of what you can expect? Download "New Year" and Wisnia's cover of TLC's "No Scrubs". Like what you hear? Reserve your tickets before it's too late! Click Here to Read More..

The Motion Sick, Visqueen and John Shade and "The Hark! Philharmonic"at Middle East on May 19th

The Motion Sick join a stirring evening of music on Wednesday, May 19th at The Middle East in Cambridge, MA alongside Visqueen, John Shade and “The Hark! Philharmonic" (Conducted by Christopher Pappas).

Fresh off their online release of Novelty Songs: Volume One, the Motion Sick will no doubt play their pop tunes from last year’s endearing album The Truth Will Catch You, Just Wait... and most likely some surprises too. The band shares the stage with Seattle’s female-fronted rock group Visqueen, who has garnered praise everywhere from Rolling Stone, Paste and NPR for their 2009 release Message to Garcia. Visqueen lead singer Rachel Flotard has worked with Neko Case and much like the Motion Sick’s own Michael Epstein, she too has a flurry of an assortment of talents to share with the audience. Visqueen and the Motion Sick are joined by John Shade and “The Hark! Philharmonic,” conducted by Christopher Pappas.

May 19, 2010
The Middle East, Downstairs
480 Mass Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139
18+ $10adv/$12 door
Doors 8:45 pm
The Motion Sick Show Time 9 pm

Buy your tickets now for a rousing good time! Click Here to Read More..

No Second Troy's "Colors" Streams in Full on AOLToday!

Want a sneak peak of No Second Troy's upcoming album? Get one on AOL, TODAY, before the April 27 release of the band's much-anticipated new album Colors. The site will be streaming the entire album as part of their Listening Party feature.

Produced by Chad Clark, T.J. Lipple and No Second Troy, Colors spills over with lush atmospheric pop songs driven by subtly infectious hooks. Trickles of keyboards highlight the earnest warm vocals and melodic, hip-swaying choruses while the guitars chime without overbearing. It makes you feel good all over. Colors, is an apt name for the album; it provides songs for every color of mood you may be in.

No Second Troy are the kind of indie band you want to hear on the radio. Their shimmering songs have potential to cross over just as so many former indie bands have. The kind of alternative indie rock that, if The O.C. was still on television, there's no doubt that No Second Troy would play at the Bait Shop. Click Here to Read More..

Free MP3s for Music Monday from Large Hearted Boy

You say you want to listen to some free tracks from The White Ravens, The True Jacqueline and No Second Troy and Grand Atlantic?

Look no further than the wonderful world of Largehearted Boy where mp3s by all four bands are available for your listening pleasure. Week after week LHB offers the best in mp3s by both upcoming young bands and hot tracks from your favorite indie bands. They even keep in check on what's happening over at Spinner and point us to their free Full CD Listening Parties, like they did last week for Grand Atlantic's State-side release of We Survive. You can still go and listen to the album before you head to to purchase your own hard copy of the superb record.

Listen here at LHB for The White Raven's tracks "Sparks" and "Tick Tock" and No Second Troy's "This is the End of Me," "The Black and White Movie," and "Leap of Faith." There's also some cool tracks by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Shout Out Louds for your listening pleasure.

Less we forget to listen here for Largehearted Boy's pick of mp3s by The True Jacqueline (pictured to the right). Bop to their peppy tracks "Monde Green" and "It's the Water." Click Here to Read More..

Friday, April 23, 2010

Neutral Milk Hotel Turns Into Neutral Uke Hotel on May 7. Tix Selling Fast!

Shawn Fogel's Neutral Uke Hotel project is taking on a life of its own. We see bright things in not only Fogel's project but the ukulele in general. OK, so maybe that's a stretch, but the Golden Bloom mastermind's matchless take on Neutral Milk Hotel's seminal album In the Aeroplane Over the Sea has an amazing potential to turn into something big. If you're a '90s indie rock fan and you live in the Cambridge/Somerville area of Massachusetts, you don't want to miss out on this experience.

Fogel will perform Neutral Milk Hotel's In The Aeroplane Over the Sea in its entirety on the ukulele on May 7 at Arts at the Armory in Somerville, MA. Tickets are only $7 so they are already selling fast. The venue only has a 50 person capacity, making this a very, very exclusive show.

The show takes place in a historical building, turned into a venue. The Armory was built in 1903 by George A. Moore to house the Somerville Light Infantry of the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia. In 2004 it was updated to house classes, art, comedy and music events, making this show an entirely unique experience.

We suggest you purchase your tickets online, right about NOW!

Arts at the Armory
191 Highland Ave.
Somerville, MA 02143
Doors: 7:30 Click Here to Read More..

Magnet Magazine Gets Hysteria for Naked Hearts

Today's Mp3 at 3 at Magnet Magazine features ... drum roll......Naked Hearts. The website offers downloads for "Call Me" and "Mass Hysteria," and they said such wonderful things about our darlings. We just can't wait for the May 11 release of the entire album!

"Clearly set against becoming just another of-the-moment Brooklyn band, Greenpoint’s Naked Hearts are shunning trends and opting to emulate the awesomely aimless sounds of the Breeders and Blake Babies. The vocal interplay between guitarist Amy Cooper and drummer Noah Wheeler evokes Juliana Hatfield and Evan Dando, but the often-dark tone that Naked Hearts’ songs take on curbs any overwrought nostalgia, and they’re able to stand out just fine on their own. Take “Call Me,” the third track from their self-released debut, Mass Hysteria, out May 11. Cooper coos Hatfield-esque about bummed-out lovers trying to drown each other with their loneliness over telephone wires, and you can hear the ache when her voice cracks, “Staring back at me/You were right,” over two fuzzed-out notes on a bass guitar." Click Here to Read More..

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Green Light GOals: What Makes a Music PR Firm Tick

We're big on GOals at Green Light Go. GOals, get it? Yeah, I may be stretching the cleverness on that one.

We also like working with smart bands with a clear vision of their future goals, which is why that's often one of the first questions we ask when a potential band approaches us. It's also why the tables get turned and they ask a few questions of their own.

Justin Jahnke of Flame Shark asked me some questions last week which have proven to be some of all my time favorites. So much so, that I'm sharing not only the questions, but the responses with you.

What past and current bands (beyond your client list) do you really enjoy listening to?

Currently I'm listening to Fanfarlo, Frightened Rabbits, Broken Bells, Local Natives, She & Him, Yeasayer, Okkervil River. Some of my all time favorites are Wilco (especially Summer Teeth), Kings of Leon, Tegan & Sara, Ray LaMontagne!, Rachael Yamagata, Old 97's, Metric, Liam Finn, Josh Rouse, Joe Pernice, Iron & Wine, The Frames, Fionn Regan, Elliott Smith, The Dears, David Gray, Catherine Wheel, Brandi Carlile, Bon Iver, Beth Orton, Ben Kweller, Belle Sebastian, The White Stripes, Elbow, Doves, Travis

What are some mistakes bands make after a publicity strategy has been put into play?

Asking me if I've heard from Pitchfork. :-) Just kidding. The biggest mistake is not planning a tour to coincide with the release or having other activity occurring while we are going after reviews. Basically what happens in that case, is the band becomes solely reliant on the reaction of media which can be a fickle beast at best. Also contacting media directly without having an existing relationship or telling me they are doing so. I'm a big believer in acting as a team, so if the band has an existing relationship with the media contact, by all means I'm on board with them contacting directly, because at the end of the day it is about getting results. There are other smaller mistakes that occur-hyped bios etc, but I take the approach of guiding along the way so those don't really make a difference.

What can we do, with our limited resources and time restraints, to maximize your efforts/gains once we agree on the strategy that is best for us?

Be active. Always have something going on with the band, whether it be a tour or some other newsworthy activity. Some examples include videos, covering another band's song (extremely effective for getting press), or other just creative out of the box ideas. Also, bring your ideas to us--whether it's seeing an article that you think would be a good pitch for Flame Shark. For instance, a former band, Canadian Invasion, saw Magnet was covering Philly bands and asked us to pitch. Not only did Magnet bite, they interviewed them and at the end of the year and named the album one of their top of 2009.

How can we follow your work and progress to know our investment is money well spent? 

I write bi-weekly reports that I send to you that shows a log of exactly what is going on. I believe in transparency, so the report shows who we've pitched and how, responses, and coverage. In your case, I'd actually recommend setting up a weekly call where we can go over ideas and make sure you know where everything stands. I also try to stay in contact at least 2-3 times per week via email and send new responses/coverage as they come in.

Can you tell me a bit about your staff, their backgrounds and who would be working with us?

I head the national campaigns, so I would be the one working with you. I run my campaigns a bit differently than other agencies I think, because I also rely on my two other staff members to assist me in what would be their strengths. I do all the pitching and am the main contact for media, Shannon writes all the bios, press releases and most of the blog posts (I write some as well), Kelly assists in coordinating interviews, setting up the media pages, blog posts, fan profiles and basic administrative duties.

My background-I've worked in the industry for 17 years. I have a degree in Music Video and Business from the Art Institute of Seattle and a Bachelors in Journalism from the University of Texas. I started out working at SXSW (5 years) and then worked for BMG Distribution (which became SonyBMG). There I was the Alternative Artist Development Rep for the eastern Mid-west region, so I was responsible for building marketing campaigns for up-and-coming bands that weren't yet on the radar--some of these included David Gray, Ray LaMontagne and Kings of Leon--these are the ones I’m most proud of because nobody knew who they were when we started. I did that for 10 years and then left three years ago to go full time with Green Light Go (I'm the owner). GLG has actually been in business since 2002, but that was when I made the leap without the safety net of BMG.

Shannon has been a journalist since 1999 and has written for major publications like Under the Radar, Venus Magazine and Devil in the Woods. She also worked as a publicist for a small Detroit record company called Gangplank.

Kelly's background is a little different. She is a big music gal and very tied into the Detroit scene. Her background is in the academic world with universities and libraries. Her organization and downright smarts are bar none which is why I brought her on. Plus she loves your sound.

Will you and your team come and rock out at our show if we play Detroit? :) 
Absolutely! I also feel like 1) we won't take on a band if we don’t actually want to see them play 2) it's respect, if you are willing to take a chance on my firm, the least I can do is make time for your show.  The only way it wouldn't happen for any of us is if there's already a scheduling conflict.
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Stephen Hawking’s "A Brief History of Time" Inspires Indie Rock Album

Attention Alan Cohen Experience fans! Get ready to mark your calendars because the newest album Space & Time is set to be released August 31, 2010.

The album is a chapter-by-chapter musical interpretation of Stephen Hawking’s book “A Brief History of Time” and finds Alan Cohen Experience venturing into topics about physics, space, and the existence of the universe. Track material encompasses Albert Einstein and his contribution to physics, which can be heard on the first single “Einstein,” the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, and the mathematical relationship between the four major forces. But don’t hesitate if the subject matter seems over your head, the music still rocks and most songs will reach fans on another level and it may not even register they’re about theoretical physics.

The album was co-produced by Cohen himself and Tony Goddess of Papas Fritas, both artists play all the instrumental parts on Space & Time, with the exception of drums. The album contains an assortment of upbeat 70’s influenced power-pop wrapped around eccentric lyrics, blending rock and funk in an upbeat manner that is sure to keep listeners on their toes. The song “The Universe is Expanding” opens with a dramatic crescendo and then breaks into catchy beat draped with a blues overtone, while “Einstein” contains a party pop feel backed by a steady mix of drums and guitar. Showcasing what Cohen believes to be his best work as a songwriter, he’s excited to share this new album with fans, as he trusts their minds, “will be split open and blown apart, because this one is so freaking awesome.”

Check out the track listing below and visit to check out some of the songs!

Space & Time
Track Listing
1. Introduction
2. Is It Infinite?
3. Einstein
4. The Uncertainty Principle
5. Black Hole
6. The Universe is Expanding
7. Dreaming
8. Arrows of Time
9. Madam I'm Atom
10. A Dark Beauty
11. The Unification Song
12. Conclusion Click Here to Read More..

Leopold and His Fiction Talks Detroit Vintage Rock

The Portable Infinite interviewed a very candid Daniel James, lead singer for Leopold and His Fiction. In the Q&A, the former Detroiter talks about his move to California, the formation of the band and gets to the grit about his upbringing and Leopold's raw rock sound.

"Lineage is important. We are definitely doing vintage rock, admits James to the website. "We are doing are best with it, and I can't say it hasn't been done before. The sound of our band is cultivated out of who I am personally. It's very Detroit. It's about all these doors being opened in California. The water has been boiling for a while now." You can read the rest of the revealing interview here.

All the more reason to be excited about upcoming releases from Leopold.

If you're in L.A., don't miss James and his band mates Micayla Grace, and Jon Sortland when their Los Angeles record release show at the The Echo on Thursday, April 29. They will be joined by Lemon Sun and Red Arrow Messenger.

Leopold and His Fiction Spring Tour Dates
Sat April 24, 2010: Crepe Place Santa Cruz, CA
Thu Apr 29, 2010: The Echo, Los Angeles, CA
Fri Apr 30, 2010: Bar Pink, San Diego, CA
Sat May 1, 2010: Bunkhouse, Las Vegas, NV
Sun May 2, 2010: The Continental Room, Fullerton, CA
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Avi Wisnia Releases Something New with Glen Barratt, Grammy Winning Producer at Helm

Splitting his time between New York and Philadelphia, singer/songwriter Avi Wisnia follows up his 2007 EP with his first studio-full length album , Something New, which was recorded with Grammy-winning producer Glenn Barratt (Melody Gardot, Amos Lee). Set for release on June 29th, Wisnia mingles piano pop, fresh Brazilian bossa nova, acoustic guitar, contemporary - yet classic - jazz, and more, Something New is in a category all its own.

Wisnia uses the piano keys to create lush ballads, and his lyrics can be just as melancholic are they are whimsical, depending the song. He uses his quirky bossa nova-turned pop music in a variety of manners on Something New. His penchant to take the usual and flip it upside down can be heard on the album’s “cover” songs (The Cure’s “Love Song” and TLC’s “No Scrubs”). The title track of Something New could be the perfect song to sum up his mélange of genres that you’ve never heard mixed together before.

A modern piano man with zest and a penchant for unpredictable cover songs and subtle pop culture references, Wisnia recorded his first EP at the New Jersey synagogue where his father serves as rabbi.

Able to balance the somber “love-songs gone wrong” about ex-boyfriends next to upbeat breezy Brazilian piano jams, Wisnia never over does it. “The two major sides of me that constantly fight for my own attention are jazz and pop – the side that wants to improvise and go free form and let the moment take control; and the side that wants to hook you with something structured, catchy, accessible and relatable,” says Wisnia.

In 2009, Wisnia won an OutMusic Award for Outstanding Jazz Song of the Year, CMJ’s Zig Zag Live Competition as well as becoming a finalist in Rolling Rock’s National Band Search. A perfectly fitting title for his album, Something New is exactly that.

Something New Track Listing

1. New Year
2. More Than Me
3. I Wish That I Could Stop Writing Songs About You
4. Sink
5. Love Song (The Cure Cover)
6. Rabbit Hole
7. The Back of Your Hand
8. Prelude
9. Something New
10. Não É Coisa
11. It's Only Me
12. No Scrubs (TLC Cover) Click Here to Read More..

Vote Naked Hearts for Artist of the Month

As the Green Light Go roster grows, we seem to be on a trend digging two-piece bands. Naked Hearts are still very close to our heart (pun intended), and we hope that you feel the same way too. It's nearly impossible not to like the couple's lo-fi kick in the ass to the Blake Babies that Amy Cooper and Noah Wheeler give us on their upcoming fuzzy rock album Mass Hysteria.

The Deli Magazine has nominated our own Naked Hearts for Artist of the Month. Please go vote for the band by clicking here. Just go to the top right and choose Naked Hearts! It's easy peasy! Hurry, polls close April 30.

If our Naked Hearts win they receive:

"The band's photo+link on top of their NYC website (next to the Deli logo) for the 1st half of May. The NYC Deli website gets about 20k unique visitors every month, and the entire site over 50k, making The Deli one of the top 10 Indie Music Blogs in the US.

The winner will also be rewarded with:

- a 3 hour session tracking or mixing at Grand Street Recording
- Free mastering of one song at The Vault Mastering with Nathan James

Now go vote! xoxo
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jim Diamond Did This With The White Stripes and The Ponys

You may or may not know that Jim Diamond produced The White Stripes' De Stijl and self-titled  albums and The Ponys' Laced With Romance. That's why we were thrilled when we found out Diamond was producing, The White Ravens' (the brainchild of brother and sister duo Amy and Will Bennett) album, Gargoyles and Weather Vanes. The quirky collection of  piano-driven pop melodies will be available on July 6th, but we're giving you a sneak peak with two songs available for download now.

At Ghetto Recorders, Diamond aided the duo’s juxtaposition of naiveté and wisdom, by honing Amy’s voice with wunderkind composer Will’s (who is only 17 by the way) vast talents. The White Ravens rounded out their sound with drummer Liberty DeVitto (Billy Joel’s long-time drummer) who recorded with the pair at the studio.

With a whirl of complex but catchy arrangements and layers of instruments and sounds, each one of Gargoyles’ songs tells their own story. The classic rock touches (saxophone!) of “Rainstorm” tell a tale from their grandfather’s memoirs, the tenderly rolling piano and instrumental breakdowns of “Broken Halves” sings of love gone wrong while the pure pop of “Draco,” is based on the book Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. Almost two years in the making, while each song on Gargoyles could be stripped down to a simple keyboard, it’s the smartly placed sounds and arrangements that make the album soar. “It represents two years of our creative lives growing as musicians and performers. It has our genetic imprint on it,” quips Amy.

Gargoyles and Weather Vanes Track Listing
1. Sparks
2. Tick Tock
3. Rubber Band
4. Atomic Panda
5. Detritus
6. Broken Halves
7. 30 Stories
8. Call It A Hit
9. Rabbit
10. Rainstorm
11. Draco
12. Eulogy Click Here to Read More..

Avi Wisnia Debuts "Rabbit Hole" Music Video at Indie Film Jam

Today is your lucky day because we have not one, but two Seth Kroll produced videos for you. Earlier today we offered you a glimpse of his video produced for Neutral Uke Hotel--who is coincidentally covering Neutral Milk Hotel's "Communist's Daughter." Now we are offering you the debut music video for Avi Wisnia's "Rabbit Hole" which was also co-produced by Alan Cohen of the Alan Cohen Experience.  The video has been chosen as an official selection for the Indie Film Jam 2010, part of the Florida Music Festival in Orlando. The Film Jam features the winning selections with screenings of the videos and acoustic performances from the artists.

The singer/songwriter and piano man will play tracks off his new record. Recorded by Grammy-winning producer Glen Barratt (Amos Lee), Something New’s unpredictable cover songs only highlight the main attraction of his new collection of songs: his incomparable mish-mash of piano-pop meets bossa nova pop gems. Having played major festival such as SXSW and CMJ, Wisnia says of his live performances, “There have been shows where the band and I improvise songs on the spot, or ask audience members to come up and sing on kazoo. In one instance, the bartender who was shaking a martini at the bar ended up being an add-on percussionist. Another time, I had lost my egg shaker and asked the audience to pass me a pack of Tic Tacs. Instead, someone threw on stage a bottle of menstrual relief pills (it sounded fantastic). You have to be spontaneous and cater to the crowd and the moment. There's no reason for a live performance to sound exactly like the recording - you owe your audience a unique live experience as a reward for getting their ass off the couch instead of watching America's Next Top Model and coming out to see you perform.”

If you find yourself in the sunshine state this weekend be sure to catch Wisnia's performances at
Friday, April 23
at Club 57 West
(Indie Film Jam official selection - acoustic set)
57 West Pine Street
Orlando, FL 32801

Friday, April 23
at Pine Street Live
(Florida Music Festival featured showcase performance - full band, with special guest Orlando drummer Mason Fox)
66 East Pine Street
Orlando, FL 32801 Click Here to Read More..

Neutral Milk Hotel's "Communist Daughter" Covered Live on Film

Oh Shawn Fogel, mastermind of Golden Bloom, singer of sweet songs and strummer of ukulele. How can you possibly impress us more with your endless amounts of wondrous talent?

Oh, by getting out your ukulele, sitting on an antique car and singing Neutral Milk Hotel's "Communist Daughter" while your friend and Golden Bloom band mate, Josh Cohen, plays the melodica. Neutral Uke Hotel might be one of the the most genius things we've heard this year. We want more.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Why You Shouldn't Release Your Record Now

I admit this headline is a bit misleading, because we would never discourage a band from releasing a record. We would however discourage you from releasing an album right away. We often have bands approach us as they are finishing their record with an agenda of releasing the record the following week. There are always a few pieces of advice we give bands to ensure a strong publicity campaign for their release, the first one being to wait to release the album.

These are a few reasons why you should wait:
  • Print publications like Under the Radar and Paste Magazine operate on deadlines, often times anywhere from three-six months in advance and they will only cover bands who release a record in that time frame.
  • Even though blogs such as Pitchfork and Stereogum have shorter timelines, they still need time to get to know who you are and allow time for the buzz to build so they have a reason to cover you.
This is why we operate three months in advance of the release, so we can both build a buzz in advance of the release and work within the deadlines of the magazines we are working with.

If you are an unsigned band releasing an album, you can always release it locally with a shorter timeline (we recommend six weeks if you are running a publicity campaign). Click Here to Read More..

Grand Altantic's Album Streams on Spinner Today!

At GLG, we like Mondays (sorry Boomtown Rats), and all the new (and free) music that is available for us to hear!

Online music mecca Spinner is home to their prominent Spinner Full CD Listening Party will be streaming Grand Atlantic's full-length album How We Survive in its entirety today!

The Aussie's U.S. release for How We Survive is available for purchase on Tuesday, April 20, but you can hear the album in full all Monday on Spinner. We're delighted to get this album out to U.S. ears. Take a sneak peak listen on Spinner and we know you'll want it all to yourself by Tuesday.

Full of incredible harmonies and vocal layers, soft and melodic guitar riffs, and catchy choruses, How We Survive, is an album that feels like a timeless Brit-pop album. Full of glorious song after glorious rocking song, whether its perfect pop-rock, a little psychedelic pop or guitar heavy Brit-influenced. How We Survive is at times evocative of a groups such as Supergrass, Stone Roses and even the power-pop disguised as rock of Sam Roberts Band; Grand Atlantic is more ready to take on the U.S. with the State-side release of How We Survive. Click Here to Read More..

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Indie Twee Pop at It's Finest. The True Jacqueline Release Nice Bird on June 22nd

Based in Northampton, Massachusetts, The True Jacqueline’s debut full-length release Nice Bird set for release on June 22, presents indie-rock twists, breakdowns, and unusual arrangements that always remain melodic. TJ’s songs can be both campy and heartfelt; they write about what they know: real life, pop culture, and historical subjects. “We pull topics from many places,” says Stevralia. “We’re kind of nerds, so academic subjects like science, math, and history--as well as science-fiction --tend to crop up often.”

Nice Bird presents straight up bouncy indie rock reminiscent of late ‘90s Canadian power-pop (“Pon Farr”), sonic jamming dubs (“Citrus Alarm“ and “Mondegreen”), and delicious folk-pop (“Starts With She”). Though each song is sonically unique, what all of Nice Bird’s songs have in common is odd and whimsical lyrical content. They sing about magnets, Barbara Streisand, the 1989 Fred Savage video game movie “The Wizard”, and hating your brother enough to want to kill him.

The True Jacqueline have shared the stage with Bishop Allen, Sam Roberts Band, and Golden Bloom. In 2009, tagged the band as one of “7 Undiscovered Rock Bands Worth a Listen.” "...Crunchy guitar riffs and singing tight girl/boy harmonies, a la Apples in Stereo ... lo-fi and loosely constructed but really kind of fun..." declared Jennifer Kelly of PopMatters of The True Jacqueline. Click Here to Read More..

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Aquaman & Mustaches. Thank You The Motion Sick

Oh, you ironic, pop culture loving men of The Motion Sick. As if you're regular music wasn't enough for us to bop our heads to, you go and write songs about mustaches and Aquaman and you expect us to NOT love it?

With the 4-song EP Novelty Songs: Volume One, could the band be hinting at a series of "silly songs" in the future? We can only hope.
Novelty Songs is now available for purchase via download on the band's website for only $3.50 (you can also get it on iTunes). The "novelty" tracks include "Surfin' Retiree," "Tennis Pro," Aquaman's Lament," and "I Grew A Mustache."

Head over to The Motion Sick's website and you can get a short taste of each song for free. But trust us, seriously......a song about Aquaman and his poor excuse for being a super hero. You almost feel bad for the fish-loving guy.
Oh, and you thought the band's video footage for "I Grew a Mustache" was good. The Motion Sick presents "Aquaman's Lament" in a mashed-up video montage of cartoon clips.

Click Here to Read More..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Naked Hearts lo-fi Video for "Call Me"

Though Brooklyn duo Naked Hearts' album Mass Hysteria doesn't hit shelves until May 11, you can get a sneak peek at what the band sounds and looks like thanks to Vimeo.

In this video for the lo-fi fuzzy rock tale "Call me," Amy Cooper and Noah Wheeler reveal how their stripped-down sound fits snugly with their simple visual aesthetics. The tie between sight and sound can make you feel just as lonely as it may make you feel loved. And with this video, less can often mean more.

Comp 1 from Naked Hearts on Vimeo. Click Here to Read More..

No Second Troy Go for the Big Win!

Music website Fame Games is an online radio show that is inventive, on top of new music and like independent music's own little American Idol (and yes, there are British accents and smart comebacks by members of the Fame Game Team).

Fame Games is, "the only daily radio show searching for the next big radio hit! New songs are submitted directly from the artist or band and on-line reviewers & fans decide the song’s hit potential. Then the song airs on Fame Games & faces the best musical team on radio. Some will win, some will lose but who will ultimately breakthrough?"

That would be No Second Troy! Their track "Burned" has taken home the winning prize of Track of the Week for three weeks in a row! Hat Trick! Now, lets see if they can take home the honor of Track of the Month.

Take a listen to their broadcasts and watch out for DJ Crier (Laura Krier) and songwriter/producer Paul Sedkowski, British radio personality Sid Olivera (who always has something sassy to say) and more to reign in the top "underground" new musical talent.
Click Here to Read More..

Monday, April 12, 2010

Eardrum NYC Features Fan-Tan's Gig This Thursday in NYC.

Noted website Eardrum NYC is one of the best sites to get yourself channeled in to the hippest shows happening in the New York Area. Eardrum may have only hit the world wide web in the summer of 2009, but they have continually gained a strong following.

The highlight of Eardrum is to really pick out the best of the best, out of the hundreds of gigs going on in NYC. They provide ample concert listings and, as they did with Fan-Tan, blurbed the band's upcoming stint at the Cake Shop as one of their "hand-selected featured shows." Basically, Eardrum weeds out the bad (and not so great) and gives you the best (or soon to be).

If you're in NYC this Thursday, April 15, head to the Cake Shop at 152 Ludlow St., New York, NY 10002.

Click Here to Read More..

Music Monday's Melange of Mp3s

Alex Young of the website Consequence of Sound knows a good tune when he hears it. Each Friday the website makes these amazing mp3 Mixtapes. How cool is that?

Included on Friday Mixtape XCVIII (that's a lot of mixtapes!!) are free tracks by our own Alan Cohen Experience, Fan-Tan, Grand Atlantic, Naked Hearts and No Second Troy.

Our lovely artists share the "tape" with a really diverse mix of artists including The Futureheads, Owen Pallett, Elk City and Priestess.

CoS has a great thing going here. Just go to the page each Friday and listen to dozens of new songs instantly.

Click Here to Read More..

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ukuleles Rule! Just ask Shawn Fogel.

After his buzzed-about performance of The Beatles Complete on Ukulele Festival in Austin at SXSW this past March, with the likes of Ben Kweller, and his project Neutral Uke Hotel, Golden Bloom's Shawn Fogel has done the unthinkable. We say unthinkable because how often do you hear of a company giving away a Ukulele endorsement?! We don't even know if Tiny Tim ever got this kind of offer.

Fogel's love for both indie pop icons Neutral Milk Hotel and the littlest-guitar-that-could -- the ukulele -- Eastwood Guitars is sending Fogel a brand new Airline electric ukulele to play at his upcoming Neutral Uke Hotel shows and for all future ukulele jams!

Take a peak at the Eastwood Guitars website for a peak of the sleek new ukulele.

Some info about the new uke: "New for 2010, Airline® Guitars releases their Electric UKULELE. The KOA top and chambered mahogany body combine with the Piezo pickup to give you a truly authentic Ukulele tone and playability. When you want to take is a step further, have some fun through your favorite guitar effects pedals!" Click Here to Read More..

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tired of Technology? This Video is For You.

I like the word ironic. A lot. However, I tend to be a walking Alanis Morissette song with my misuse of it. I'm telling your right now that what I'm about to ask you to do is ironic in it's truest sense. The only thing wrong about it is the fact that it goes completely against the entire message of the video.

So listen to East Bay Express (who deemed this a Video of the Day) when they tell you to share this on your Facebook. Also share it on, Twitter, and MySpace for that matter. And if you aren't near your computer there is always your iphone, ipad, Blackberry, Droid or Sidekick.

If you're in San Francisco, and prefer the real world to the virtual, head out to Midnight Strangers' Record Release Party at Hemlock Tavern on Saturday, April 17th. If you tune in to KALX you might even be the lucky winner of a pair of tickets. Don't want to take the risk of missing out, buy your tickets in advance!

The Future Of Humanity from Midnight Strangers on Vimeo. Click Here to Read More..

"Scuzzy-pop" of Naked Hearts lures in Under the Radar

Good old Under the Radar had the nicest things to say about Amy Cooper and Noah Wheeler, aka the Naked Hearts. With a link to listen to the band's title track "Mass Hysteria," the mag had some kind words to say about the band who is picking up some fantastic press.

Under the Radar may have chosen to highlight our Brooklyn pair, but the way things are going, the Naked Hearts should and will be on your radar. Pun intended. The duo's familiar and visceral rock songs are sticking with listeners, and continue to make ears happy with each new listen.

"Former Rubies singer/guitarist and photographer Amy Cooper is now in the '90s-esque rock duo Naked Hearts. She's joined by singer/drummer, and jazz bassist Noah Wheeler, and the pair shares a home in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. They also share an obvious appreciation for bands such as Sonic Youth, The Breeders, and Blake Babies on their full-length debut, Mass Hysteria.

The scuzzy-pop LP drops May 11 and recording took place at Vacation Island Recordings in Brooklyn, NY. Owner and engineer Matt Boynton (Bat For Lashes, Gang Gang Dance) is set to record their next LP. Check out the bass-heavy rock of Mass Hysteria's title track above and tour dates can be find at the twosome's MySpace."

Click Here to Read More..

Friday, April 09, 2010

Targeting the Band Show Invite on Facebook

I was on facebook yesterday. Ok, I'm on facebook everyday. Anyway, I saw a thread from one of my favorite journalists complaining about the number of fan suggestions he's receiving from bands he doesn't know. Reading the thread, all I could do was nod my head in agreement. Right now I have over 100 fans suggestions that range from real estate in other cities to metal bands (which sorry, just isn't my thing) and I'm finding it entirely difficult to actually motivate myself to go through it to find the ones that are legitimate.

That's just the fan suggestions. Then there's the show invites I receive from every place other than Detroit where I live. So as much as I would love to head to a show in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, chances are pretty slim unless I really really love your band.

This all brings me to my point about targeting your list to those who would actually be interested in your music, rather than just clicking on every friend in your box to become a fan of your band, a friend's band or inviting to a show there is no way they'll ever be able to attend.

So here's a little cheat to target your list by market and only send to those who live there (and would be interested)!

To target those who are already a fan, facebook makes it easy (I recommend doing this before inviting friends, because it will save you time with having to select friends one by one who are already a fan).

Simply create your event like you normally would and publish it to your fan page so everyone can see it.
Under the photo of the event, you will see a list of options. Select "Update fans of..."
Check on Target this update and select by city (you can select more than one if there are surrounding cities that make sense).
I also recommend including a message of why it would be of interest to them and giving it a subject line they would open in the first place.

If you are planning to send to personal friends on your list you should create a group list based on that city.
Click on friends on the left of the page.
At the top, click on New List and name it. For instance, one of mine is "Boston Music".
Then select those friends who live in the city of the show (and would be interested).
Go back to your invite and click on the link to invite friends. Select the filter friends drop down and then select the list you'd like to target. Again, include a message of why you think they would be interested. Click Here to Read More..

Naked Hearts Record Release Party at Mercury Lounge on May 1st

Brooklyn-based duo Naked Hearts are ready to set hearts and ears on fire at the record release party on May 1st at the Mercury Lounge with a sneak peak of their first full-length album Mass Hysteria. Fans who tweet, “I’m going to @thenakedhearts release party @mercuryloungeny on May 1st” will be sent a link to “Dark Shade”, the unreleased mp3 off the album. Those who go the extra mile and RSVP to the band at nakedheartsRSVP at will receive a FREE CD at the show!

Edging on fuzzed out ‘90s alt-rock and hypnotic girl/boy vocals, duo Amy Cooper and Noah Wheeler have filled Mass Hysteria with a perfectly delicate balance of stripped-down raw energy and moody lush vocals. For national release on May 11th, with its pop sway, grungy guitars, and naturally cool vibe Mass Hysteria is what you make of it.

Recorded by Matt Boynton (Gang Gang Dance, Bat For Lashes), Mass Hysteria is filled with buzzing songs that hit you quick and stay with you long after the record ends. Playing shows with the likes of The Raveonettes, The Black Angels, and Evan Dando, Naked Hearts deliver the vibrant, pulsating synergy of their live show to Mass Hysteria. “Our goal is to lose our sense of self and come together to convey a temporary, hopefully beautiful space for people,” Amy Cooper says of the album.

So what are you waiting for? Tweet, RSVP, and Buy your tickets now! Click Here to Read More..

Matt Menovcik of Vinca Minor Talks About Flowers and Music With Absolute Punk

Seattle's Matt Menovcik loves flowers. Listening to his moody but beautiful music, under the moniker Vinca Minor, flowers are probably not the first thing that comes to mind. In an interview with Absolute Punk Menovcik talks about how the name Vinca Minor comes from the name of a flower and how an essence of that flower influences his music.

"This is the name for the lesser periwinkle, which produces violet-purple flowers. This species is less aggressive than the Vinca Major species. The flowers are solitary in the leaf axils, though form large colonies as ground cover. Do I think we are ground cover? No. Do I think we are solitary in the midst of a colony? I think the music on this album is very lonely and “isolated”. I am very aware of us being solitary beings in a larger colony. I think flowers are beautiful and I am a big fan of beauty."

Absolute Punk asks different bands the same 20 questions in their lively regular Q&A feature, but Menovcik's answers have to be some of the most thought out, meaningful and revealing. Click Here to Read More..

Neutral Milk Hotel Gets Uked

Always better than getting nuked, Neutral Milk Hotel will get uked when  Golden Bloom’s Shawn Fogel takes his show on the road with his latest project, Neutral Uke Hotel. It’s exactly what you think it is, Neutral Milk Hotel music played entirely on the ukulele. To be more precise, Fogel has arranged Neutral Milk Hotel’s 1998 iconic indie album In The Aeroplane Over the Sea into a collection of classic contemporary indie pop songs that he plays on ukulele.
This interesting idea came after Fogel worked with producer Roger Greenawalt's "Beatles Complete on Ukulele" project. Fogel explains, “After recording a version of the Beatles’ B-side ‘I'll Get You’ with Roger at his Shabby Road Studios, I performed with Golden Bloom, Guster's Ryan Miller, The Zambonis and Leah Siegel at the 2nd Annual Beatles Complete on Ukulele Festival held at Brooklyn Bowl this past December,” says Fogel. In March Fogel went to SXSW in Austin to play The Beatles Complete on Ukulele Festival alongside other artists including Ben Kweller.

“Inspired by Greenawalt's successful merging of one of the biggest bands in the world with one of the smallest instruments in the world, I decided to use the uke to tackle another major influence of indie musicians across the world: Neutral Milk Hotel.”

While additional shows are being confirmed for this summer, Boston fans can get a sneak peak when Fogel plays these nuggets on Friday, May 7 at the Arts at the Armory in Somerville. Click Here to Read More..

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Synth-popsters Fan-Tan Announce National Tour in May

Brooklyn’s Fan-Tan announces a national tour to support the release of their album Age of Discovery, set for national release on May 11, 2010. Fan-Tan’s post-punk intermingles with synth-pop melodies and moody Brit-pop tones on their latest recording, offering up sonic layers and evocative moods for listeners.

Age of Discovery represents Fan-Tan’s self-discovery as a band and the spirit of adventure and exploration that keeps the excitement within making music. Exhibiting a somewhat vague overtone in order to allow fans to create their own interpretation, the album addresses the various devastating emotions and circumstances of life. The band’s second EP was recorded with Arjun Agerwala (who has worked with names from Courtney Love to Ben Lee) at James Iha’s (Smashing Pumpkins) Stratosphere Sound Recording Studios in New York.

The main focus of Fan-Tan has always been to ignite fans through energy-charged live shows, inspiring them to place it above all else. “We actually write all of our songs live, with everyone in the room contributing simultaneously, so the material naturally comes off really well in a live setting,” explains singer/guitarist Ryan Lee Dunlap. No matter what the future holds for Fan-Tan, their unique and morose melodies allow the group to reach fans on emotional level that most bands just can’t match.

Fan-Tan Tour Dates
Thu Apr 15, 2010: Cake Shop - New York, NY
Tue May 11, 2010: The M Room - Philadelphia, PA
Wed May 12, 2010: The Velvet Lounge - Washington, DC
Thu May 13, 2010: The Plaza Bowl - Richmond, VA
Fri May 14, 2010: Local 506 - Chapel Hill, NC
Sun May 16, 2010: Snug Harbor - Charlotte, NC
Tue May 18, 2010: Drunken Unicorn - Atlanta, GA
Fri May 21, 2010: Derby City Espresso - Louisville, KY
Sat May 22, 2010: The Comet - Cincinnati, OH
Sun May 23, 2010: The Majestic Cafe - Detroit, MI
Click Here to Read More..

Naked Hearts Chats With Absolute Punk About Goats and Snoop Dogg

At the GLG headquarters, we are quite pleased that Absolute Punk seems to have taken a liking to our artists!

Amy Cooper and Noah Wheeler of our favorite 90s-loving fuzz-rock band Naked Hearts answered a list of 20 questions for Absolute Punk. From the funny to the more in-depth, the duo answers such questions as:

If you were a furry, what animal would you be? Why that animal?

Amy: A goat. They live in the most beautiful places. Noah: I would be a three-toed sloth. I want to hang from the trees with my three toes and just chill out.


4. If you could tour with any bands, past or present, who would it be and why?
Blonde Redhead so we could hear them play every night. Snoop Dogg, for obvious reasons.

Aren't they the cutest? Click Here to Read More..

Golden Bloom Opens for Guster

Presented by Becker College, Worcester State College, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and the Colleges of Worcester Consortium, Golden Bloom will join Guster on the Campus Consciousness Tour at Hanover Theatre in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Coming off a two-day stint at SXSW as part of the Beatles on Ukulele party, Golden Bloom will bring their matchless power-pop to the stage when they join Guster who have sold out Radio City Music Hall as well as being featured on numerous television shows and movies including: The Wedding Crashers, The O.C., and Malcolm In The Middle.

A multi-tasker in addition to being a multi-instrumentalist, Golden Bloom’s front man, Shawn Fogel, also plays bass in the The LeeVees alongside Guster’s Adam Gardner.

For the lucky Worcester residents (or those ready to make the road trip), full price tickets are $30. There is a $2 discount available for members, groups of 15 or more, and corporate partners. Students at Becker, Worcester State, and WPI can purchase tickets for $10 through their student activities offices. Other consortium college students and WOO card holders receive a $12 discount, and tickets purchased in blocks by colleges are half price.Call the box office at 877.571.7469 for more information. Click Here to Read More..

Huffington Post Relays SXSW Highlights

If you weren't able to make it down to Austin, Texas during this year's SXSW, don't worry, The Huffington Post was there to dish out all the exciting highlights, including Green Light Go's own Grand Atlantic performing at the Aussie BBQ. A major highlight was the return of Hole's first U.S. show in over a decade, as Courtney Love lead the crowd in SPIN Magazine's party at Stubbs. Other artists including Muse, Band of Horses, Local Natives, Broken Bells, Neon Indian, and Mayer Hawthorne captivated audiences and definitely set the bar high for next year's SXSW.

The Huffington Post
reported, "With so many memorable shows, one that stood out was the AUSSIE BBQ, the biggest showcase of Australian music in the US that attracted over 3,200 fans." Over twenty Australian artists, including Brisbane natives Grand Atlantic, played the show, entertaining fans for over 14 hours on three different stages. Listeners not only enjoyed an array of Aussie music but a select few even won a free round-trip ticket to Australia on the new airline V Australia.

Want to check out some of the Aussie music you missed? Well then head over to the V Australia blog because the site is offering nine free mp3 downloads from the Aussie bands at the SXSW showcase. And while you're there be sure to download Grand Atlantic's song "Coast is Clear," but hurry, downloads are only available until April 30.

Image courtesy Click Here to Read More..

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

"Golden Friends" by Leopold and His Fiction Keeps Gaining Momentum

Praise for Leopold And His Fiction's track "Golden Friends," continues to earn fabulous reviews, and is no exception for the website Foundwaves.
"Songs by the aptly named Leopold and His Fiction seem almost like short stories collected by an itinerant traveler hitchhiking his way across the country. With raspy narration by singer Daniel James, the music feels drenched in world-weary mystery, populated by the lonely souls who haunt empty bus stations, dusty back-road gas stations, and crumbling saloons."
Foundwaves describes "Golden Friends," as having, "...a slower, haunting feel, like a creeping car ride through darkly winding city streets, or perhaps a trip explored on foot while sneaking sideways glances at whiskey-breathed strangers." Read what else they had to say..... Click Here to Read More..