Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Motion Sick Infect Viral Videos

People love to videotape stuff. They really, really love to take videos. And today, it's easier and quicker than ever to do so. It's simple to take a video of your child riding a bike or perhaps many montages of dogs in wheelchairs. Yes, dogs in wheelchairs. People also love to "create" videos, edit it themselves and add music. So where are going with all this?

It seems people have been infected by the catchy tunes of The Motion Sick, and dozens of them are using the band's songs to play over candid footage and video montages that they then of course load onto the Internet. Motion Sick's lead singer Mike Epstein is no stranger to placing music in the right place - he runs the Boston-based Launch Over; a company that handles music licensing, publishing and strategy consulting.

"I've actually got about 50 more videos that I need to post," muses Epstein. It's crazy how much stuff there is out there. They only very recently opened up their searching function to include the fingerprinted music, which is why I am only now becoming aware of all these videos with our music in them. It seems like I find at least 2 or 3 more every day and I don't really spend time digging back too far, so there are probably even more than I've found. I will probably someday have to hire an intern just to post all these videos!"

The current stream of videos Epstein is stumbling upon are all very, well, unique. Some are even kind of creepy. People just love to take the music of The Motion Sick and lay it as soundtrack to their home/created videos. There are so many, Epstein had to create a blog to showcase them all. It's appropriately called Strange Videos and The Motion Sick, Epstein is finding more and more videos every single day. It's a little insane. Some of the videos are almost too weird to even talk about, while other's are cute as a button; like the mentioned little kid on a bike set to The Motion Sick's rollicking song "Winged Bicycle." And then there's the really odd video of Barbies-turned-into real life girls dancing "The Barbie" along to The Motion Sick's "Grace Kelly." It makes absolutely no sense, and it is absolutely worth watching.

"30 Lives" has taken on a life of its own being used in Dance Dance Revolution. There's more than a dozen videos featuring the fun song. One of our favorites is for a exercising DVD called
"Cardio for Indie Rockers." Don't ask us why the ladies look absolutely nothing like what an "indie rocker" is supposed to. Or why they have to pretend they are jump roping instead of using an actual jump rope. Watch it, learn some moves to "30 Lives" and shed those pounds (and fishnet knee highs)!

Epstein's personal favorite use of "30 Lives" is a live video from a couple's first dance at their wedding. The newlyweds choreographed it and freestyle to The Motion Sick on the most important day of their lives. It's so cute that Epstein dubbed it "The Greatest Video Ever in the History of Videos Featuring The Motion Sick." Congratulations to Andrew and Cat.