Monday, April 05, 2010

Alan Cohen Experience releases single "Einstein" from new album Space & Time

Alan Cohen Experience has released the first single “Einstein” from their newest album Space & Time, which was co-produced by Cohen himself and Tony Goddess of Papas Fritas.

Space & Time is a chapter-by-chapter musical interpretation of Stephen Hawking’s book “A Brief History in Time.” The track “Einstein” offers an upbeat, rock, pop, and blues mixture of genres that literally portrays the influence Albert Einstein had on the world of theoretical physics through lyrics such as “Einstein, he’s got a fine mind.” The end of the track becomes illuminated with a strong guitar solo and powerful drum beats that gives a surge of energy and gracefully blends the subjects of music and science.

Largehearted Boy leads the charge to making "Einstein" available. Visit their download page to download the track, and also check out the Alan Cohen Experience Media Page and the Alan Cohen Experience website for all your ACE needs.