Monday, April 26, 2010

Avi Wisnia Celebrates Glen Barratt Produced NY Record Release on June 3rd

Avi Wisnia will be joined on stage with a full band performance at the Triad Theater to celebrate the release of his debut full-length album Something New. Recorded by Grammy-winning producer Glen Barratt (Amos Lee), Something New’s unpredictable cover songs only highlight the main attraction of his new collection of songs: his incomparable mish-mash of piano-pop meets bossa nova pop gems.

The Big Takeover's Jack Rabid, says of Wisnia, "Like a cross between Dr. John, Professor Longhair, Ben Folds, Joni Mitchell, and early Billy Joel. But his approach is refracted through the prism of Brazilian bossa nova, occasional acoustic guitar folk forays, and ‘70s singer/songwriter fare—“I Wish That I Could Stop Writing Songs About You” and “The Back of Your Hand” are especially Mitchell-esque, and “Goodnight” sounds like Art Garfunkel doing jazz—then sings with a smoothly smoky voice that recalls Elvis Costello and Joe Pernice both in sound and delivery.”

Wisnia uses the piano keys to create lush ballads, and his lyrics can be just as melancholic are they are whimsical, depending the song. He uses his quirky bossa nova-turned pop music in a variety of manners on Something New. His penchant to take the usual and flip it upside down can be heard on the album’s “cover” songs (The Cure’s “Love Song” and TLC’s “No Scrubs”). The title track of Something New could be the perfect song to sum up his mélange of genres that you’ve never heard mixed together before.

Want a taste of what you can expect? Download "New Year" and Wisnia's cover of TLC's "No Scrubs". Like what you hear? Reserve your tickets before it's too late!