Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No Second Troy Go for the Big Win!

Music website Fame Games is an online radio show that is inventive, on top of new music and like independent music's own little American Idol (and yes, there are British accents and smart comebacks by members of the Fame Game Team).

Fame Games is, "the only daily radio show searching for the next big radio hit! New songs are submitted directly from the artist or band and on-line reviewers & fans decide the song’s hit potential. Then the song airs on Fame Games & faces the best musical team on radio. Some will win, some will lose but who will ultimately breakthrough?"

That would be No Second Troy! Their track "Burned" has taken home the winning prize of Track of the Week for three weeks in a row! Hat Trick! Now, lets see if they can take home the honor of Track of the Month.

Take a listen to their broadcasts and watch out for DJ Crier (Laura Krier) and songwriter/producer Paul Sedkowski, British radio personality Sid Olivera (who always has something sassy to say) and more to reign in the top "underground" new musical talent.