Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Aquaman & Mustaches. Thank You The Motion Sick

Oh, you ironic, pop culture loving men of The Motion Sick. As if you're regular music wasn't enough for us to bop our heads to, you go and write songs about mustaches and Aquaman and you expect us to NOT love it?

With the 4-song EP Novelty Songs: Volume One, could the band be hinting at a series of "silly songs" in the future? We can only hope.

Novelty Songs is now available for purchase via download on the band's website for only $3.50 (you can also get it on iTunes). The "novelty" tracks include "Surfin' Retiree," "Tennis Pro," Aquaman's Lament," and "I Grew A Mustache."

Head over to The Motion Sick's website and you can get a short taste of each song for free. But trust us, seriously......a song about Aquaman and his poor excuse for being a super hero. You almost feel bad for the fish-loving guy.
Oh, and you thought the band's video footage for "I Grew a Mustache" was good. The Motion Sick presents "Aquaman's Lament" in a mashed-up video montage of cartoon clips.

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