Monday, April 26, 2010

No Second Troy's "Colors" Streams in Full on AOLToday!

Want a sneak peak of No Second Troy's upcoming album? Get one on AOL, TODAY, before the April 27 release of the band's much-anticipated new album Colors. The site will be streaming the entire album as part of their Listening Party feature.

Produced by Chad Clark, T.J. Lipple and No Second Troy, Colors spills over with lush atmospheric pop songs driven by subtly infectious hooks. Trickles of keyboards highlight the earnest warm vocals and melodic, hip-swaying choruses while the guitars chime without overbearing. It makes you feel good all over. Colors, is an apt name for the album; it provides songs for every color of mood you may be in.

No Second Troy are the kind of indie band you want to hear on the radio. Their shimmering songs have potential to cross over just as so many former indie bands have. The kind of alternative indie rock that, if The O.C. was still on television, there's no doubt that No Second Troy would play at the Bait Shop.