Thursday, April 15, 2010

Indie Twee Pop at It's Finest. The True Jacqueline Release Nice Bird on June 22nd

Based in Northampton, Massachusetts, The True Jacqueline’s debut full-length release Nice Bird set for release on June 22, presents indie-rock twists, breakdowns, and unusual arrangements that always remain melodic. TJ’s songs can be both campy and heartfelt; they write about what they know: real life, pop culture, and historical subjects. “We pull topics from many places,” says Stevralia. “We’re kind of nerds, so academic subjects like science, math, and history--as well as science-fiction --tend to crop up often.”

Nice Bird presents straight up bouncy indie rock reminiscent of late ‘90s Canadian power-pop (“Pon Farr”), sonic jamming dubs (“Citrus Alarm“ and “Mondegreen”), and delicious folk-pop (“Starts With She”). Though each song is sonically unique, what all of Nice Bird’s songs have in common is odd and whimsical lyrical content. They sing about magnets, Barbara Streisand, the 1989 Fred Savage video game movie “The Wizard”, and hating your brother enough to want to kill him.

The True Jacqueline have shared the stage with Bishop Allen, Sam Roberts Band, and Golden Bloom. In 2009, tagged the band as one of “7 Undiscovered Rock Bands Worth a Listen.” "...Crunchy guitar riffs and singing tight girl/boy harmonies, a la Apples in Stereo ... lo-fi and loosely constructed but really kind of fun..." declared Jennifer Kelly of PopMatters of The True Jacqueline.

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