Wednesday, April 07, 2010

"Golden Friends" by Leopold and His Fiction Keeps Gaining Momentum

Praise for Leopold And His Fiction's track "Golden Friends," continues to earn fabulous reviews, and is no exception for the website Foundwaves.
"Songs by the aptly named Leopold and His Fiction seem almost like short stories collected by an itinerant traveler hitchhiking his way across the country. With raspy narration by singer Daniel James, the music feels drenched in world-weary mystery, populated by the lonely souls who haunt empty bus stations, dusty back-road gas stations, and crumbling saloons."
Foundwaves describes "Golden Friends," as having, "...a slower, haunting feel, like a creeping car ride through darkly winding city streets, or perhaps a trip explored on foot while sneaking sideways glances at whiskey-breathed strangers." Read what else they had to say.....

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