Friday, April 23, 2010

Magnet Magazine Gets Hysteria for Naked Hearts

Today's Mp3 at 3 at Magnet Magazine features ... drum roll......Naked Hearts. The website offers downloads for "Call Me" and "Mass Hysteria," and they said such wonderful things about our darlings. We just can't wait for the May 11 release of the entire album!

"Clearly set against becoming just another of-the-moment Brooklyn band, Greenpoint’s Naked Hearts are shunning trends and opting to emulate the awesomely aimless sounds of the Breeders and Blake Babies. The vocal interplay between guitarist Amy Cooper and drummer Noah Wheeler evokes Juliana Hatfield and Evan Dando, but the often-dark tone that Naked Hearts’ songs take on curbs any overwrought nostalgia, and they’re able to stand out just fine on their own. Take “Call Me,” the third track from their self-released debut, Mass Hysteria, out May 11. Cooper coos Hatfield-esque about bummed-out lovers trying to drown each other with their loneliness over telephone wires, and you can hear the ache when her voice cracks, “Staring back at me/You were right,” over two fuzzed-out notes on a bass guitar."