Monday, August 23, 2010

Staff Infection: Operation Don't Complain Edition

Those who know me know I’ve taking on a personal endeavor entitled “Operation: Don’t Complain”. This isn’t the first time I’ve taken on this endeavor, but it’s the first time I’ve had the accountability of Facebook to keep it going. Every day (ok, almost every day) I give a status update on the process. And believe me it is a process. Today is day 37, and don’t get me wrong, a few complaints have leaked in there. In fact, there have been entire days devoted to a break in my no complaint status. There are a few songs that help get me back on track though. So if you find yourself on that iceberg of negativity, I encourage you to take a few listens to the songs that are a near direct route to positivity junction. And yes, this is a motherload of songs, but what can I say? There are days I need all the help I can get.

Elvis Costello, “Sneaky Feelings” from My Aim is True
David Gray, “Babylon” from White Ladder
Lily Allen, “Everything’s Just Wonderful” from Alright, Still
Golden Bloom, “If You Believe”, from Fan the Flames
Bill Withers, “Let it Be” from Just As I Am
Broken Bells, “The High Road” from Broken Bells (courtesy of Stereogum)
The Doves, “There Goes the Fear” from The Last Broadcast
Fanfarlo, “The Walls are Coming Down” from from
Paul Westerberg, “Whatever Makes You Happy” from Suicide Gratification
Heartless Bastards, “Could Be So Happy” from The Mountain
Jem, “Just a Ride” from Finally Woken
Liam Finn, “Second Chance” from I’ll Be Lightning
Ray LaMontagne, “Lesson Learned”, from Till the Sun Turns Black
Sara Radle, “Song for Adam", from Four
Sloan, “Rest of My Life” from Action Pact
Travis, "Why Does It Always Rain On Me?" from The Man Who

Each Monday a different Green Light Go staff member will let you in on what songs have infected their ears for the week, while giving you the opportunity to share in the experience yourself.

This week: Janelle Rogers, Green Light Go Owner and Publicist Extraordinaire


  1. I wish I could stick to your Operation :) Sara's "Song for Adam"has been on repeat for me a lot lately....

  2. I know. I love that song. I had an epiphany last week to just listen and not take in all the actions of everyone else. Somehow it works.

  3. Really liked "Lesson Learned" by Ray LaMontagne-reminded me of Leonard Cohen.

  4. The album that is off of (Till the Sun Turns Black) is one of my all time favorites. He's actually at Meadowbrook this Thursday with David Gray.