Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spotlight - YACHT

Just a few years ago, a young Jonah Bechtolt (formerly of The Blow) began performing under the moniker YACHT. When I saw him some four years ago, Jonah played on stage solo, with a few machines, things that made noise, and some smiley and quirky behavior. Now as a two piece, with Claire Evans, YACHT is almost completely unrecognizable to what I knew. When I was first introduced to YACHT, before I saw him live, I heard his quirky and cute electro-one-man band song "See a Penny (Pick it Up)," and the video, which was just as precious as Jonah himself.

YACHT's most recent album, See Mystery Lights, is the first official album as a duo and their debut on DFA Records. On the album, and the following track "The After Life," the boops and bleeps have settled down into a more "serious," shall we say, kind of avante-electro pop. Claire takes on a large part of the vocals on See Mystery Lights, which makes me feel like I never knew Yacht in the first place. Things may be different, but YACHT still has that danceable, energetic feel that Jonah always had; but now his music and his style have matured into an intriguing fashion.

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