Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spotlight: Reno Bo

Reno Bo's Big Star-influenced pop rock is not what you'd normally expect from a Nashville singer/songwriter. He came to my attention thanks to two other power-pop musicians I know (one of them being GLG's Neil Nathan). And I couldn't be happier about this new discovery. I'm almost ashamed I wasn't already on board. Reno Bo's latest album Happenings and Other Things is a nod to classic rock done with power-pop sweetness. Todd Rundgren with fuzzed guitars, a Brendan Benson from the 1970s. R.I.Y.L. Sloan, Neil Nathan, Paul McCartney, Emitt Rhodes, Rooney, etc. etc. So good! Enjoy the adorable and cool video for the album's single "There's a Light."

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