Friday, August 20, 2010

Golden Bloom Returns to Studio with Producer Peter Katis

Wooooooooooooooooo! We are shouting at GLG! Golden Bloom (OK, well, Shawn Fogel) is finally working on another album, which will not doubt be stellar. We seriously can not wait for his next work of pop genius.

Fogel has begun recording new Golden Bloom material, once again with producer Peter Katis! If you haven't heard, Katis is an uber producer who has worked wonders on records for The National (their last five records), Frightened Rabbit, The Swell Season, Interpol and Tokyo Police Club, to name just a few. The magic began this month when Fogel returned to Tarquin Studios with the prolific pop-maker Peter Katis. Golden Bloom's last full-length, Fan the Flames, which was compared favorably to Summerteeth-era Wilco, The New Pornographers, and Big Star and loved by critics and fans alike was recorded by Katis

So what can we expect from Fogel this time? Power pop? Rest assured. Intelligent lyrics? Certainly. The best music Golden Bloom has ever made? Absolutely. Fogel says, “[The experience] is similar to Fan the Flames in that I'm trying to make the best music I can in the moment, but I'd like to think whenever you work on something new you're in some way trying to out-do your previous work. I think the songs are really strong and more mature than the last batch of songs that comprised Fan the Flames.”

Wait, it's going to be even better than Fan the Flames? That's serious. Someone is going to need to fan us.