Tuesday, August 17, 2010

News Roundup from FensePost, WXPN, Metro Times and more

FensePost reviews Neil Nathan's The Distance Calls

"The Distance Calls is an album that could very well be thrown into a mix along the lines of any given Fairweather release, and would be able to hold its ground with no struggle whatsoever. The guy has a talent and an acoustic swagger that is undeniably real."

Detroit Metro Times previews Neutral Uke Hotel's Ann Arbor show

WXPN's All About the Music posts Neil Nathan's "California Run" as a My Morning Download

NeuFutur Magazine announces The White Ravens' East Coast tour

Oh Wheezers posts The Motion Sick's "30 Lives" video

California Music Channel plays Neil Nathan's "California Run" video

Cinncinatti City Beat previews Neutral Uke Hotel's Southgate House show

Musical Shapes previews Gwyneth & Monko's Molly Malone's show



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