Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The White Ravens Win Toronto Independent Music Award

You may not hear it, but our hands are all clapping and we did a little dance at GLG because our own brother/sister duo, The White Ravens won an award! Not just any award, but the Toronto Independent Music Award for Best International, Best USA and Best Out-Of-Province. That, Toronto, is a hat-trick of awards. Woo!

The prizes awarded include a year-long membership to The Big Schmooze, an invitation to perform at next year’s award ceremony, an online music player and the chance to perform on 89.5 CIUT. The Toronto Independent Music Awards are an indie awards ceremony, showcase series and seminar founded in 2004. The TIMAs serve as a platform to award up-and-coming independent artists from the province of Ontario and to expose them to international opportunities.

The Borders' in-store performances were just a warm up as The White Ravens will be kicking off a tour in early September, bringing their guaranteed-to-get-you-moving indie pop sound and intelligent sometimes biting lyrics to the east coast for the first time.

The White Ravens Tour Dates
8/28/10 Raven Lounge, Philadelphia, PA
8/29/10 Arlene’s Grocery, New York, NY
8/30/10 The Living Room, New York, NY
8/31/10 The Space, Hamden, CT
9/2/10 All Asia, Cambridge, MA
9/3/10 Campfire Festival, Cambridge, MA
9/4/10 Campfire Festival, Cambridge, MA


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