Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Daily Double

Not only is our Neil Nathan chock full of music ideas, he's also got this other, let's say, personality, that comes out every once in a while. He does play music that is both hard and soft, so maybe Nathan is in fact two different people?! He did after all, get into a friendly, but heated debate about aliens with Alan Cohen. Hmm...

So, Nathan (we think) and his lady Leah Koss, stepped into cliche morning show co-hosts for the fictional Another New York Morning to talk to Justin Bernbach, an actual friend who is ranked sixth all-time on Jeopardy (he won seven times in a row last year, but unfortunately lost when he returned to Alex Trebek for the Tournament of Champions semi-finals). The videos poke fun at what an ego-maniac seven-time winner might say in an interview. Part Two gets even more ridiculous; asking questions to a contestant who is really good at answering questions with a question (both on Jeopardy and in the interview).