Tuesday, August 31, 2010

News Roundup from Magnet, DOA, FensePost, Indie Rock Cafe and more

Everything But Urban reviews Echo Orbiter's Euphonicmontage

"Echo Orbiter manage to pay homage to earlier indie and experimental acts while still retaining a truly unique sound."

La Blogotheque posts Neutral Uke Hotel's Take Away Show, a video shot in Toronto

Musical Shapes previews Gwyneth and Monko's Molly Malone's show

Delusions of Adequacy reviews Neil Nathan's The Distance Calls

"From his Josh Ritter-like chug on “California Run” to the guitar-heavy sludge of “Better Be Goin’” he, more often than not, recalls the aforementioned songwriter’s ambitious tendencies. But, if you add Nathan’s obvious love for 70s classic rock and his myriad of other influences, you end up with an album as surprisingly strong as The Distance Calls."

FensePost posts Neil Nathan's "California Run" video

Indie Rock Cafe posts Neil Nathan's "California Run"

Hear! Hear! reviews Leopold and His Fiction's "Golden Friends"

Ann Arbor.com previews The White Ravens' Savoy show

Magnet looks forward to The Alan Cohen Experience's Space & Time

WFNX's "Boston Accents" plays Neutral Uke Hotel's "King of Carrot Flowers Part 1" this week