Monday, July 12, 2010

Staff Infection: Radiohead: Real and Imagined Soundtracks

I hope I'm not the only one who's ever experienced this. You're walking, running, biking or driving down the street listening to some music. A song comes on that transports you into the movie that is your life. There's a reason we make this connection. Soundtrack Coordinators work hard to use music to evoke a mood. When we see the movie, the action on screen is inextricably tied to the music we hear. Here's some songs that have provided that extra emotional oomph to some of my favorite real (and imagined) movie soundtracks.

Radiohead, "Black Star" from The Bends, and a super-emo mixed tape from my past.

Feist, "Mushaboom" from (500) Days of Summer Soundtrack

Thomas Newman, "Dead Already" from The American Beauty Soundtrack

"This whole soundtrack got me through my first stint in college. I listened to it over and over while I did my homework or wrote papers.Thanks for that Magna Cum Laude, Tom."

Sufjan Stevens, "Chicago" from Little Miss Sunshine Motion Picture Soundtrack (and about a million "indie" movie trailers)

Frou Frou (featuring Imogen Heap) , "Let Go" from Garden State Soundtrack

Jack Lawrence , "Beyond the Sea"
(performed in movie by Ewan McGregor and Cameron Diaz) from A Life Less Ordinary Motion Picture Soundtrack

"A note that the McGregor/Diaz duet doesn't actually exist on any soundtrack (and believe me, I've looked), so for full enjoyment, rent this lesser known work of Academy Award winner Danny Boyle."

Jace Everett, "Bad Things" from True Blood Original TV Soundtrack

The Shins, "New Slang" from Garden State Motion Picture Soundtrack

Prodigy, "Firestarter" from The Fat of the Land (and the inside of my head)

Each Monday a different Green Light Go staff member will let you in on what songs have infected their ears for the week, while giving you the opportunity to share in the experience yourself.

This week: Kelly Bennett, Green Light Go Publicity Assistant