Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rosario Dawson co-stars in Neil Nathan's Video "California Run"

After NYC's Neil Nathan recorded his album, The Distance Calls, in Detroit, it hit him that the entire process had a road-trip style feel to it, which lent to his music and more importantly hit home in the single "California Run."

"I left town to make this record," says Nathan, "and I hope that the record somehow embodies that emotional journey as well." "California Run" is a love song for both a fantasy girl, the state itself and its possibilities. The memorable chorus for such a song that teeters on power-pop, folk rock and stomp, created for a video that lent itself to the pure optimistic charm of the song. Hip Video (a company that has created videos for Goldfrapp, Liars, Born Ruffians and so many more) directors Ric Serena and Vaj Potenza teamed up with Nathan for the "California Run" video, starring Neil's former roommate, actress Rosario Dawson (
Harmony Korine's Kids, Men in Black II, Sin City, Grindhouse, etc.). In the video, Neil plays a hitchhiker traveling the dusty roads of California with guitar in hand, in search of his long lost dream girl. Wish we were all so lucky. The video couldn't be more perfect for the story behind the song.

"California Run" instantly make you want to get in your your car, roll the windows down, feel the fresh air and crank up the tunes while you go for an afternoon drive. That's exactly what Nathan wants you to feel when you hear the song and listen to The Distance Calls as a whole.

The Distance Calls is set for release on August 24th.