Friday, July 16, 2010

Favorite Friday with Neil Nathan: Brendan Benson and Pizza

You might need to live in NYC to ultimately indulge in Neil Nathan's list of Favorite Fridays. But we're pretty sure you can fix yourself up something almost as good.

"NYC is like a giant carnival. Sometimes, I get on one too many rides," says Nathan. "And so it came to pass...and Dionysus proudly beamed as he looked down from Mt. Olympus. 'But wait!' said the young Jewish rock singer, 'I must complain about something to truly achieve total aural and gastronomic pleasure. The right song is necessary as well! Perhaps one of these myriad restaurants that pop up daily in this town should add the right artist or song to a recommended food and drink combo. Now that would be splendid!"

Neil Nathan's Top Five Food & Drink Combos (and the right tunes to go along)

1. Combo: Shake Shack double cheeseburger and a Goosehead IPA at Citi Field
Musical accompaniment: "Revival," Soulsavers

2. Combo: Guacamole and a Patron Margarita at Rosa Mexicano
Musical accompaniment: "Spanish Bee," The Brian Jonestown Massacre

3. Combo: Ricotella chocolate desert pizza and Pinot Grigio at San Marzano
Musical accompaniment: "Feel Like Taking You Home," Brendan Benson

4. Combo: Argentine sausage-baked eggs and a Bloody Mary at Cafe Ronda
Musical accompaniment: "Good Morning Captain," The Black Crowes

5. Combo: Guinness burger with Guinness cheese and a Boddingtons Pub Ale
Musical accompaniment: "There's a Light," Reno Bo

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Nicole Szalewski. Each Friday, hence the name Favorite Friday - one GLG band/artist will send us a list and comments about their "favorites" of the week. It could be a list of albums they are listening to in the van, books they are reading, guilty pleasure TV, and so on. We hope these various "favorites" will give you unique glimpse into the lives of our bands.


  1. #1 combo rocks! Well worth the line.

  2. Neil Nathan10:29 AM

    even better when your friend goes and waits on the line for you while you take in the game! and 10 seats behind the tigers dugout, yes!

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