Monday, July 26, 2010

Staff Infection: Heart of the Matter

In just over a week I’ll be turning 37 years old. For those of you keeping tabs who would like to wish me a very happy birthday, the exact date is August 3rd (I am a Leo after all so of course I need to make the day known).

July always seems to be this period of self-evaluation for me where I benchmark my successes for the year and measure whether I’ve achieved what I’ve wanted to achieve. So in my little self-reflective state it came to me that it’s all about heart. It’s all about doing what you love at all times, and fortunately for myself I can say that I spend a good majority of my time doing just that.

So in honor of the heart and going after another year’s worth of goals, I’m dedicating this week’s staff infection to getting to the heart of the matter:

Ben Mallott, “Heartbreaks” From Looks Good, Feels Good
Brendan Benson, “Cold Hands, Warm Heart”  From Alternative to Love
Death Cab for Cutie, “Your Heart is an Empty Room” From Plans
Naked Hearts, “Dark Shade” From Mass Hysteria
Ron Sexsmith, “Cold Hearted Wind” From Time Being
The Rosebuds, “Big Heartbreak” From The Rosebuds Make Out
Stars, “Heart”, From Heart

Each Monday a different Green Light Go staff member will let you in on what songs have infected their ears for the week, while giving you the opportunity to share in the experience yourself.

This week: Janelle Rogers, Green Light Go Owner/Publicist Extraordinaire

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