Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Get Down and Get With It

Photo by Nicole Szalewski
Welcome GLG's latest Guest Blogger, our "Electric warrior with a soft side," (I can't stop using that quote), Neil Nathan. When Nathan decided what his guest blog would be about – bands he loves that the rest of us need to know about – the title hit us, Get Down and Get With It. The name of this column is also a song by the kicking glam rock band Slade. Perfect! And now...

Get Down and Get With It

"I Wanna see everybody get up off your seats, I want you to clap your hands and stamp your feet! And get down and get with it!"

This is hip-shaking, sweat-drenched Maximum R&B. The kind that gets jaded Williamsburg hipsters up and dancing, despite their cooler than thou exteriors. This is power-pop with lush vocal harmonies that stick to your brain like candy-coated crazy glue. This is rough and humble garage rock with a sensitive psychedelic swagger. It's OK to cry man. Now go beat down that asshole hitting on your woman at the bar. Just make sure you're wearing a finely tailored suit and your shoes and hair are perfect. That's right, perfect. This people, is The Above! And the debut album (self-titled) from these Brooklyn Mod sensations is the best 60's golden nugget this side of The Naughts! As lead singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer/engineer/director/debonair extraordinaire David Horowitz says at the onset of "West End Supermarket," "We gonna have a party!"

"I wanna see everybody get up off your seats, I want you to clap your hands and stamp your feet! And get down and get it!"

"Keep on rocking,"

Neil Nathan

quotes used without permission from Noddy Holder!

The Above-West End Supermarket

The Above-Bollywood Woman

The Above-It's Good

The Above-Special Somethin'

Find The Above on MySpace

The Above - "Don't Believe in the Light" from David Alan Horowitz on Vimeo.

Each Wednesday (well, you know how musicians are, so maybe every other Wednesday....) the GLG blog will treat you to a Guest Blogger pulled from our creative group of artists who have a lot to say. All the time. We love them for that.


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