Tuesday, May 18, 2010

San Diego Gets Down with Leopold and His Fiction

Indie Rock Reviews attended last week's Leopold and His Fiction show at Bar Pink in San Diego. Lemon Sun shared the stage that night for what sounds like a wicked time. The oh-so-friendly Monti Smith of IRR took a score of awesome, sweaty pictures and posted them for all of us who could not attend the gig.

"Revved up Honky Tonk shoots forth from the amps and mics. Bassist, Micayla Grace bounces barefoot and brazenly from every corner of the small 5 ft x 5 ft area that the three piece inhabits. Daniel falls to his knees as the Detroit fuzz escalates, and Jon brings up the tempo via the drums. A new sound familiar to all causes everyone present to put their hands together and stomp their feet. Once again, the gang has come in and swept a crowd off their feet."

"Leopold and His Fiction have been a favorite of ours over here at IRR for quite awhile. Daniel even did an exclusive Bionic Ear Session with us in which he recorded a song and our very own Travis did some of the Hand Claps. Now you may be thinking to yourself ,”Big deal, I can clap my hands.” And while that’s probably true, can you clap good enough to be recorded? Think about that! Now listen to it here..."

Lost At E Minor recently spread the gospel of Leopold and His Fiction in a highly favorable review. "I could easily compare Leopold and his Fiction to a vintage wine, a vintage car maybe, but they’re more like a rough piece of aged leather, one that’s been soaked and handled accordingly, reconstituted for a modern-day take. That’s just what they are." Read more....