Monday, May 24, 2010

Fan-Tan Hit Detroit and Finish Up in New York

When one of GLG's bands hits Detroit, we are only reminded even more how much we love our jobs. Fan-Tan played to a delicious group of dancing (and some of us, ahem, swaying) crowd at the Majestic Cafe Sunday night. The Brooklyn quartet took the intimate stage after Detroit's own Oblisk and put their sneaky pop groove into our heads and hips.

Detroit's gig was the band's second to last show for their Age of Discovery tour. They will take the long drive home to New York and after taking a breathe, Fan-Tan will play a "welcome back" home-to-New York-gig, show on Tuesday, May 25 at the Mercury Lounge with
The Tryptucs, The Hotcakes, and The Flying Chang. The band has said they will play an extra long set, starting off the grooves around 10 p.m.

We're not the only ones into Fan-Tan's slick sound. After listening to EP Age of Discovery, website Oh My Rockness found themselves fans of synth-pop and they didn't even know it.

"We guess we're into totally epic synth pop lately, because Fan-Tan's big and sprawling melodies are hitting us kind of right. Listening to this, we really wish we were in a massive rainstorm and there was a camera shooting down on us from a crane, because then we could outstretch our hands and lift them high to heavens while shouting a roar that's equal parts joy and pain. That's what Fan-Tan makes us want to do."

Flavorpill also highlighted Fan-Tan's upcoming show on their site. It's a late night, coming home to write about a band we all just saw. But that's what makes this job so fan-tan-tastic. Sorry, that's funny to me. Maybe it's because I'm sleep deprived and swayed too much tonight.

photos by shannon


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