Friday, May 28, 2010

Favorite Friday with Avi Wisnia

Avi Wisnia's
Top 5 TV Theme Songs From My Childhood

No stranger to turning others' familiar songs into something entirely his own with his unique cover songs, Avi Wisnia finds his musical influences in all facets of pop culture, even cartoons. Wisnia believes strongly in where each of his "favorites" list are numbered, and he totally saw Neil Patrick Harris at the grocery store. Wisnia explains all....and believe us, you want to read it all. This piano man is a character. He not only provided us this fresh photo but an mp3 of a rough demo to his #1 Favorite TV theme. Amazing.

"As I have been compiling a set list for my upcoming NYC CD Release show on June 3 (at Triad Theater), I've been fooling around with some of my favorite songs - and it struck me how many of the most memorable melodies stuck in my head are the ones from TV shows I watched when I was a kid."

5. Muppet Babies
"There's something about Kermit's voice, I could listen to that frog sing all day."

4. Zoobilee Zoo
"How was I not totally freaked out by all the giant horrifying people-animals? The theme song!"

3. Doogie Howser, M.D.
"Also doubles as great ice cream truck soundtrack. It reminds me of when I bumped into Neil Patrick Harris at the grocery store. I bet that song just follows him everywhere."

2. DuckTales
"I challenge you to blurt out those two words and not have someone follow with 'WOO HOO!'"

1. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
"So I was backpacking around the Highlands of Scotland in late summer and I stopped into a local pub. I was by far the only foreigner. As I waited to get in on a game of pool, the guys playing asked me where I was from. 'Philadelphia.' They knew Philadelphia. 'Born and raised they asked. I countered, 'On the playground, that's where I spent most of my days.' It didn't take long for the ENTIRE PUB to join in with the entire song, including the sideways cap/head-bob finale. That's right, you heard it here first: Will Smith brings world peace."

Honorable mention: The Smurfs
"This is the great all-time palette cleanser. If you have a song stuck in your head - the latest Gaga, let's say - just hum this tune, and you'll be fine to go about your day."

Avi Wisnia NYC Album Release Event

Triad Theater - 158 West 72nd Street New York, NY
A special concert event featuring full-band performance by Avi Wisnia, with special guests and tons of surprises.
7pm doors
Show: 7:30-9:30pm
$7 early-bird tickets available till May 4, 2010, $9 advanced tickets, $12 day-of tickets
This show is open to all ages, 21+ to drink
2 drink minimum, cash only
Reservations recommended
Meet and Greet following set

Each Friday, hence the name Favorite Friday - one GLG band/artist will send us a list and comments about their "favorites" of the week. It could be a list of albums they are listening to in the van, books they are reading, guilty pleasure TV, and so on. We hope these various "favorites" will give you unique glimpse into the lives of our bands.