Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Liz Phair Fronting The White Stripes = Naked Hearts?

Chris Chafin of the New York Press hit up the big Naked Hearts and Cults show at the Mercury Lounge this past weekend and had some hard-hitting, heart-felt notes about the Naked Hearts' performance. Chafin may have initially went in to see the Cults, but he came out a fan of both bands with plenty to say about our Brooklyn duo.

"The music is appropriately dark and thundering, with chords that reverberate in your soul. The music the band wrings out of those two instruments, and the members' two voices, often in counterpoint or harmony, is intoxicating. It plunges you into a sonic whirl of confusing emotions," wrote Chafin. "When Naked Hearts tells you to “turn the f*cking stereo up,” it’s not to have a fun party. It’s because shit is too depressing with the stereo quiet. Good points of comparison would be The Breeders, or Liz Phair fronting The White Stripes (especially on “Boyfriend”)." He had even more to say...