Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fan-Tan(stic) Reviews for Age of Discovery

Straight from DOA's Bryan Sanchez, a swell review for Fan-Tan's new EP. I think some of us (ahem) may have a critic crush on him. He always writes insightful and fare reviews on albums (and often of varying genres). He knows what he's talking about and he seems to have really enjoyed Fan-Tan's latest EP The Age of Discovery

"Shaking with an uncontrollable amount of pizzazz and propulsion, Kuki and Sandee Kooks’ rhythm section has the band gelling and flowing together. Like some kind of well-oiled machine, the fluidity of their train is driven forward by Mike Walters’ timely synthesizers. Not only do they add flavor and dimension to the music but they provide those aforementioned colors that conjure up many different kinds of dynamics. Even as an EP, each song is at least four minutes long, allowing enough time for the listener to realize the band’s scope. By the time the fantastic “No Complaint” comes around to close it all out, you’ve already appreciated the album’s ability at providing excellent sounds from every corner." found their own vision of Age of Discovery, pulling out a Sunny Day Real Estate name check to boot.

"Fan-Tan, four Triangle expatriates who started their new, terse four-piece after converging in New York City, mix Sunny Day's grandiose post-punk melancholy with the sonic blueprints of Roxy Music and their New Wave antecedents. It's a good look, too—entertaining and appropriate, with energy to spare."