Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The White Ravens Invade Canada

Tonight in Toronto, Ann Arbor sibling duo The White Ravens will perform as part of the 2009-2010 "Best Live" Showcase Series put on by the Toronto Independent Music Awards. Pretty awesome that The White Ravens beat out heaps of Canadian bands to be included in this series of shows.

Amy and Will Bennett take the stage at 9:30 at The Central - 603 Markham Street Toronto. Other bands include Marty Lowman, Vintage Railway and Candice Chantrell.

Want to know more about TIMA and how the Michigan band won their way in?

"The Toronto Independent Music Awards are an indie awards ceremony, showcase series and seminar founded in 2004. The concept evolved out of a desire to truly support independent musicians and to provide songwriting and music exposure to individuals in the community. The TIMAs serve as a platform to award up-and-coming independent artists from the province of Ontario and to expose them to international opportunities. We also accept entries nationally and internationally via our “Best Out-of-Province”, “Best USA” and “Best International” categories. Our ultimate aim is to create an infrastructure to give independent artists a hand in ways that are actually useful by providing industry connected prizes and community support!"

If you don't live in Toronto (like I did for a while), but you do live in Michigan (which I do now), be sure to mark your calendars for upcoming shows by The White Ravens. You'll most likely get to hear a sneak peek of the wonderful pop songs taken from their upcoming release Gargoyles and Weather Vanes on July 6. You won't be disappointed. And you'll be able to say you saw them when....

The White Ravens Tour Dates

Saturday, May 8, Crazy Wisdom Bookstore - 114 South Main Street Ann Arbor, MI
Sunday, May 30, Neutral Zone - 310 East Washington Ann Arbor, MI
Saturday Jun 26,
Ann Arbor Summer Festival - Top of the Park
Top of the Park: Grassrootz Stage at Ingalls Mall - 915 E. Washington St. Ann Arbor, MI
Grassrootz Stage (Show at 5 PM, Free)


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