Monday, November 15, 2010

Staff Infection: Waiting on a Theme

I'm usually so good with themes, but I can't really seem to find one here. Instead of tying it all together, maybe I'll just say a few words about each song.

Screaming Females - "I Don't Mind It" from Castle Talk

This band blew me away when I saw them live in August. Marissa Paternoster is the most no-holds-barred female singer I have ever seen live. She has no concern for the way she looks when she sings, and it makes her that much more magnetic.

Drunken Barn Dance - "Ain't No Weather Fouler" from Grey Buried

I've been hearing this song for probably close to three years now, and I never get tired of it. Which is a good thing, since part of being in a music video involves hearing the song over and over again. Yes, you guessed it! I'm in this video. Watch me shamble my way to stardom below.

Enjoy Your Pumas - "Weight of the Circles" from Commonality

Another great female singer heads this Winnipeg band. Serious Metric vibes going on here.

Counting Crows - "Einstein on the Beach (For an Eggman)" from DGC Rarities Vol. 1

This is an old favorite of mine. Probably my favorite Counting Crows song ever. One of those things that puts you in a time machine and sends you back to when you were 14 and music was the only thing that could make you happy.

The Beggars - "Sleepaway Camp" from Party to the People

This band, as you will see in the video, knows how to put on a live show. Steve, another magnetic lead singer, not only grabs your attention, he pushes it down to the floor where it sits, cross-legged, for the whole of their set. Which of course, leaves you to dance, shout and CHOP! along.

Pewter Cub - "Wallflower Mourner"

Full of synth, but not reliant on it, Pewter Cub's music is moody in the best way.

Bridges and Powerlines - "Mirabell" from Eve

I had the privilege to see B&P last night. Their music is not only fun to hear, but fun to see as well! They're on tour now, so check them out.

Sharon Van Etten - "Peace Signs" from Epic Stream the whole album at NPR Music

Great songwriter. Bold voice. Amazing folk.

Every week a different Green Light Go staff member will write about what bands have infected their ears for the week and give you an opportunity to hear it for yourself.

This week: Kelly Bennett, Junior Publicist


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