Thursday, November 04, 2010

Enjoy Your Pumas find Commonality February 1st

Enjoy Your Pumas are ready to break out of the ice of their native Winnipeg and bring their powerful pop to the rest of the world. A big step in this direction is the release of their debut LP, Commonality which will be out February 1, 2011. The album, which is filled with great hooks, layered guitars, a tight, poppy rhythm section and Rosie Blais’ strong diverse vocals, is sure to remind listeners of Metric, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Bloc Party.

Blais and guitarist, Josh Benoit, began Enjoy Your Pumas as a bedroom project and soon expanded the lineup to include a bassist, Marc Gomez and Ian Jeffrey (keyboards/guitar). After a few lineup changes, the band in its current form emerged: with Luke Janzen (drums) now a part of the tight rhythm section and Zach Allard on guitar. The band’s signature dichotomy: lilting and ethereal/aggressive and rhythmic first began to show itself on Ink: The EP which was released in 2009. Now with Commonality, they’ve gotten more cohesive as a band, challenging each other to do better and better.

Weight Of The Circles by Enjoy Your Pumas by greenlightgo

was recorded primarily at Private Ear Recording Studio in Winnipeg. Death Cab for Cutie, Matt Epp, and The Waking Eyes have all recorded there. Enjoy Your Pumas appreciated the relatively lengthy time they were allowed to spend recording (six days) and put it to good use. “Working on the band for five straight days was like a vacation. A working vacation. It was a pleasant taste of what music as a career would be like,” says Janzen. Josh Benoit felt the album reflected this time well spent, “It sounds like a band that has put time and thought into the execution of their music.”

Enjoy Your Pumas has enjoyed a few other pleasant tastes of the music business this year. They made national headlines when they won the contest to open for Bon Jovi and Kid Rock on the Regina, Saskatchewan stop of their world stadium tour. The lead single from Commonality ,“Weight of the Circles” reached the Top Ten on Winnipeg indie station Kick FM and has received heavy airplay on Winnipeg stations Curve 94.3, Hot 103, as well as CBC Radio.

Track Listing
1. Setback
2. Do It Every Day
3. Weight Of The Circles
4. Sister Rose
5. He Was A Fly
6. Like Animals
7. When It’s Over
8. It’s Not A Loss
9. We Aren’t Cowboys
10. No Man’s A Failure
11. Walk It Off
12. Initiative
13. Lucky Number Seven


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