Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hella Hipster Hoedown--The Name Says it All

Leopold and His Fiction proves a band can be awake before noon when they play an 11am showcase at L.A.'s Elaine Layabout Hella Hipster Hoedown. The post-punk roots series means 11 hours, 13 bands, death metal pizza, and beer. For the rest of us at SXSW who won't be up by noon, be sure to check out their other showcases while there.

where: hoek's death metal pizza . . . 511 e 6th street
when: march 17th, 11 am till 10 pm
9:00 PM . . . thee vicars (bury st. edmunds, uk)
8:10 PM . . . audacity (fullerton, ca)
7:20 PM . . . manhattan murder mystery (los angeles, ca)
6:30 PM . . . blank tapes (san francisco bay, ca)
5:40 PM . . . wake up lucid (los angeles, ca)
4:50 PM . . . restavrant (victoria, tx)
4:00 PM . . . p.k. 14 (beijing, china)
3:10 PM . . . paleface (nyc/concord,nc)
2:20 PM . . . agent ribbons (sacramento, ca)
1:30 PM . . . bare wires (oakland, ca)
12:40 PM . . . devon williams (los angeles, ca)
11:50 AM . . . a faulty chromosome (austin, tx)
11:00 AM . . . leopold and his fiction (san francisco, ca)


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