Thursday, March 25, 2010

Naked Hearts Inject Mass Hysteria on May 11th

Brooklyn-based duo Naked Hearts are ready to set hearts and ears on fire with their first full-length album Mass Hysteria. Edging on fuzzed out ‘90s alt-rock and hypnotic girl/boy vocals, duo Amy Cooper and Noah Wheeler have filled Mass Hysteria with a perfectly delicate balance of stripped-down raw energy and moody lush vocals. For release on May 11th, with its pop sway, grungy guitars, and naturally cool vibe Mass Hysteria is what you make of it.

 Recorded by Matt Boynton (Gang Gang Dance, Bat For Lashes), Mass Hysteria is filled with buzzing songs that hit you quick and stay with you long after the record ends. Playing shows with the likes of The Raveonettes, The Black Angels, and Evan Dando, Naked Hearts deliver the vibrant, pulsating synergy of their live show to Mass Hysteria. “Our goal is to lose our sense of self and come together to convey a temporary, hopefully beautiful space for people,” Amy Cooper says of the album.

After an abundance of shows in NYC, east and west coast tours and the release of their EP These Knees, Naked Hearts received a full-page picture and feature in Interview magazine. “Then there are the enthusiastic newbies, Naked Hearts, who explore the various ways in which a boy/girl duo can make you dance, fall in love, and cry all at the same time." – T.Cole Rachel for Interview Magazine

In 2007 singer/guitarist Cooper and singer/drummer Wheeler met in NYC, both playing the same night at the same club. Soon after Wheeler joined Cooper on tour promoting her second solo release. While on the road they wrote their first song together titled Naked Hearts. The sentiment stuck with them and became the name they stand by. “Love, loneliness, the unknown. Moments of joy, moments of realization,” says Cooper, is what fuels their work. It turns Naked Hearts’ music into an emotional substance worth craving.

Mass Hysteria Track Listing
2. Like I Do
3. Call Me
4. Mass Hysteria
5. Kill My Name
6. Boyfriend
7. Way I See You
8. Alpha Beta
9. Grow
10. One False Move
11. Dark Shade

Get a sneak peak of Mass Hysteria by downloading free mp3s of the title track and "Call Me".

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