Friday, March 19, 2010

This Song Sums Up the SXSW Experience

Day three of SXSW and we're back at it. Brooklyn's The Naked Hearts may not be here, but the song "Mass Hysteria" most certainly brings them  here in spirit. Too many bands, too many choices, all to the point of paralysis and each day we "jump back into it" and "start it all again."

In the tone of a softer Sonic Youth or tougher Blake Babies, The Naked Hearts tell it like it is:
"it feels like a party but it's starting to end
stuck in the middle of a typical jam
my feet keep on moving but I don't know where to go
think it's time to turn the f#cking stereo up
jump back into it and you start it all again"

Download "Mass Hysteria" now for a SXSW jump start.


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