Friday, March 26, 2010

Vinca Minor's Matt Menovcik talks to Delusions of Adequacy

Vinca Minor's Matt Menovcik speaks to Delusions of Adequacy about his album Isolation and so much more.

"In a world where most musicians are stuck in their own head, contemplating ideas of existentialism and other frivolous thoughts, it is always refreshing to meet someone who is genuinely trying to make it out there. Vinca Minor's Matt Menovcik may wake up to the music of Brian Eno and he may appreciate movie soundtracks but the electronic/post-rock/classical composer is very much a working-man’s musician. Following the success of his solid album Isolation, he took time out to sit with DOA to discuss what his music means to him, what film music possesses and what his future plans are."

Read the Q&A here.