Friday, March 26, 2010

Fan-Tan Release Age of Discovery Nationally on May 11th

Brooklyn-based via Chapel Hill, NC quartet Fan-Tan, brood with post-punk Gang of Four mentality and synth-pop melodies ala The Cure. On their May 11th release Age of Discovery, Fan-Tan have brewed moody Brit-pop with tones of Arcade Fire sonic layers, honed on building on evocative and moody new wave pop infused with guitar hums since forming in 2006 in NC. New Yorker’s will get a sneak peak of Fan-Tan’s upcoming release at the local record release party at Mercury Lounge tonight with Surf City!

Back in North Carolina, Indonesian expatriates Kuki and Sandee Kooks joined with Ryan Lee Dunlap to draw on influence of the Manchester, England music scene circa 1983. After adding Mike Walter on synthesizers, the group decided on the name Fan-Tan, an ancient Chinese gambling game that was repeatedly mentioned in much of the history of the American west due to the many Chinese immigrant laborers in the area during that time, creating an “east meets west” connection similar to the band’s lineup.

Age of Discovery represents Fan-Tan’s self-discovery as a band and the spirit of adventure and exploration that keeps the excitement within making music. Exhibiting a somewhat vague overtone in order to allow fans to create their own interpretation, the album addresses the various devastating emotions and circumstances of life. The second track, “On Your Wall” shimmers and soars sonically and lyrically, while “Good Men” gives you a rush Interpol wishes they could. In five songs alone, Age of Discovery verges on epic soundscapes and soul gutting emotions. Discover what it makes you feel.

Age of Discovery EP Track Listing
1. Good Men
2. On Your Wall (Download the free mp3!)
3. AOD
4. Earrings
5. No Complaint

Don't miss out on Fan-Tan's upcoming Spring tour dates
May 11 2010 The M Room--Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
May 13 2010 The Plaza Bowl--Richmond, Virginia
May 14 2010 Local 506--Chapel Hill, NC
May 16 2010 Snug Harbor--Charlotte, North Carolina
May 18 2010 Drunken Unicorn--Atlanta, Georgia