Wednesday, December 01, 2010

GLG Fresh Mp3 Friday

Regardless of whether or not you celebrate any holiday in the month of December, how bad your day is going, or how unbearably cold the steering wheel is in the morning, holiday music has a way of warming our hearts.

Since all of us at GLG love you, we're going to help keep your heart warm with two free mp3s:

Neil Nathan- "Santa Clause is Coming to Town" and give you a good laugh with Brian Huber- "Snuggies" and because there's only one thing you want to do when you're cold, snuggle.

Happy Hanukkah, Happy Ashura, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy December and Merry Christmas!

Neil Nathan
Santa Clause is Coming to Town
Genre: Powerpop
For fans of: Matthew Sweet, Cat Stevens, The Go, Marc Bolan
Bio/hi-res photos

Neil Nathan-Santa Claus is Coming To Town by greenlightgo

Brian Huber, From Imagination of Ourselves
Release Date: December 14, 2010
Genre: Power pop
For fans of: Fran Healing, Fountains of Wayne, Ben Folds, They Might Be Giants
Bio/hi-res photos

Brian Huber-Snuggies by greenlightgo

While you're in high spirits, check out other free mp3s here:

GLG Clients by greenlightgo

You need free mp3s, we have free mp3s. Feel free to post any of the approved songs below on your blog or tweet to your friends. Not on our email list to receive these directly and want to be? Send an email over to


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