Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Leopold And His Fiction’s Daniel James Joins Cowboy & Indian in First Music Video “Hurt My Pride”

Cowboy and Indian - Hurt My Pride from William Cabral on Vimeo.

Daniel James has enough cool for two amazing bands. James, front man of Leopold and His Fiction and member of the newly formed Cowboy & Indian appears in the latter’s playful first music video, “Hurt My Pride”. Cowboy & Indian, consisting of Jazz Mills (T-Bird and the Breaks) and actor Jesse Plemons and Daniel James (guitar and vocals), has only been around a year, but they’ve got a lot to show for it.

Their day show at SXSWcreated lots of buzz, they’re working on a full-length album which James produced, they toured the country from San Francisco to New York and along the way they filmed their first music video with Will Cabral. Says James, “While we were touring through Chicago, the director of the video, Will Cabral, was really in his element and got exactly what he needed for a perfect video to put our music out there for folks to sample”. The video was filmed over two days in Chicago and on the sand dunes of northwest Indiana on the coast of Lake Michigan. The “Hurt My Pride” is available now at:

The recording process for Cowboy and Indian has been interesting. Since James was in San Francisco and Jazz and Jesse were in Austin, they wrote “Hurt My Pride” over the phone. But as soon as the two arrived in San Francisco, says James, “We tracked the song from the ground up in living rooms, bedrooms and closets.” Talk about not wasting a moment. Look for the rest of the band’s songs on their upcoming full-length due out in Spring 2011.

When Daniel James is not working on Cowboy and Indian material, he is fronting Leopold and His Fiction, a freak folk band who’s live shows are raucous, high-energy affairs. Leopold and his Fiction’s latest EP, “Golden Friends” has been described as “...haunting and scratchy, and sounds as if it was conjured up in the backrooms of old Western saloons over whiskey and cigarettes,” by Tympanogram. They’ve been in John Baccigaluppi’s The Hangar with Thom Monahan (Devendra Banhart, Little Joy, Vetiver) and this recording ventures out appropriately from the blues structure of the first two records, while engaging start to finish the theatrics and entertainment of voyage fans have become accustomed to hearing. The band climbed to #30 on the CMJ charts with their second album, Ain’t No Surprise and made it into the top 20 with their self-titled debut, while earning praise from NPR, Relix and Big Takeover, among others.

Cowboy and Indian Tour Dates

12/11/10 Pick N Spur, West Athens, TX
12/12/10 Willie Nelson’s Bus, New Braunfels, TX
12/13/10 Thirsty Hippo, Hattiesburg, MS
12/14/10 Shreveport Bears, Shreveport, LA
12/15/10 Anderson Fair Houston, Houston, TX
12/16/10 Opening Bell, Dallas, TX
12/17/10 Trading House Bar and Grill, Waco, TX
12/18/10 Antone’s, Austin, TX