Saturday, December 18, 2010

High Five! from Neil Nathan

My Santa Claus Is Coming to Town Charity Video, which I’m using to raise funds for the Fred Gabler Helping Hand Camp Fund, is based on a true story from my childhood where I got busted by my folks when I opened my presents early.

The following are my top five presents worth getting kidnapped by Evil Santa and his elves this year:

1. ThunderCats - Season 1. Give Me Sight Beyond Sight!

2. The Beatles - Mono Collection. This can’t come out on vinyl fast enough!

3. Vintage Tube Record Player to enjoy the aforementioned gift in its proper warmth.

4. Gibson ES 339 Hollow Body which will allow me to rip off John Lennon’s sound.

5. But all I really want for Christmas is a lifetime supply of Fluevog Shoes!

To celebrate the end of the nine to five, a Green Light Go staff member or artist will leave you with their short list of favorite things, better known as the High Five!

This week's High Five! is brought to you by: Neil Nathan