Thursday, December 09, 2010

Tell Someone! The Morning Code to Release New Ep March 1st

Inspired by the kings of 90s rock, The Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead, NYC’s The Morning Code strive for moments of emotional crescendo in their songs and achieve them on their latest EP Tell Someone. The EP, due out March 1st is full of big guitars, big drums, raw emotional energy and intelligent songwriting.

Download the "Silver" mp3

Tell Someone captures The Morning Code’s commitment to emotive melody, deep texture and as front man Ashwin Alexander puts it: “We write music to try and achieve that perfect musical crescendo and climax that [we] also look for in the music [we] listen to.” When listening to the magnetic pull of “Silver”, it’s apparent why one would compare the band’s music to that of Silversun Pickups, but it’s the channeling of The Smashing Pumpkins that mostly infiltrates their music. Driving, propulsive guitar lines around vocals that scale the infinite walls, the band pushes the realm of the music with a guiding light. On “New City”, the constant grind of the guitar paints a darkened sludge that provides an overall booming sound. The Morning Code resides in the enviable place that perfectly balances the power of strong storytelling and a gripping melody.

The Morning Code started out as Ashwin Alexander’s vision. After the release of 2007’s Superhero Complex, Alexander realized that he’d need a full band to complete the vision. Eric Vydel (guitar) and Doug Parsons (drums) joined the lead singer and songwriter to flesh things out for live shows. The band knows that they’ve got what it takes, in talent as work ethic. “It takes a huge amount of dedication and hard work,” notes Alexander; luckily, they obviously possess the essential tools needed in any successful outfit. Tell Someone is evidence of how far The Morning Code has come in three years, here’s to spreading the word.

Tell Someone
Track Listing

1. Silver
2. Primal
3. Mob
4. New City
5. Keep On
6. Who Owns the Truth